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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Alfalfa Grass In my Kitchen Window

Alfalfa grass is grown here in Eastern New Mexico for cows to eat.       Sometimes the cows are allowed to graze on fields of alfalfa and sometimes the fields are cut and baled for the cows to eat later.

There aren't too many alfalfa fields here in our area,   but if we drive about 60 miles west,   there are lots of fields around the little town of  Ft Sumner,  New Mexico.        

There is also a lake about 10 miles out of Ft Sumner,    and that's the reason H & I drove over there yesterday   (but that's going to be a different post)

H & I always travel with a pail and some water just in case I spot some wildflowers along the way.    I was on the look out for some sunflowers  (which I didn't find)   but was just as happy with the alfalfa we cut along the roadside.

Here's where we stopped to cut some along the roadside.     Everyone in the area is so nice,    they don't mind if you cut wild flowers along the roadside as long as you don't go out into their field.

We don't get a lot of rain here in New Mexico,    so farmers water their crops by flood irrigation.    They have channels that run along the side of the fields that are fed from the nearby lake.    If the field needs to be watered,   the farmer will just open the levy and let the channel overflow into the field.

This is how a field looks when it's flooded.

The cows can graze on the fields or the farmer may choose to cut it and put in in rolls like you see in this photo.   It's my understanding that the fields last a couple of years before needing to be replanted and can be cut or grazed on several times during the growing season.....that's what one of the farmers told me.

   Farmers store the rolls in a dry area and use them to feed the cattle when the alfalfa fields are dormant     

Alfalfa sprouts are seen on almost all of the salad bars in our area.    I found this site for you guys that shows how to make your own alfalfa sprouts at home. 

I read that it was best to plant alfalfa in the fall or spring,    so I might just plant some in one of my flower beds this September.      I think it would give my backyard a Farmhouse! 

Well,    I guess I better find another spot for my alfalfa,   I need the sink to start lunch.

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please stop by again soon!


  1. I love the galvanized planter.

  2. Interesting post. Thanks for the info on Alfalfa and beautiful photos of the country side,

  3. I played in my grandparents' alfalfa field as a child. I loved the purple flowers.

  4. Good morning Penny, Oh, what fun alfalfa fields are in the Summer time. They smell heavenly and the beautiful purple flowers. It's nice to have the clover as they have very yellow flowers and it smells wonderful too with the alfalfa flowers. Rabbits loveee alfalfa fields. My dad and his brothers drove trucks for the big company that contracted the fields from the farmers. The cutters would cut at night when it was cool and the big trucks would catch the cut alfalfa and take to the hugh driers. The hay was dried and taken to another place out of state to make "cake". It was alfalfa and molasses and other things for live stock feed. It was edible in our day by us kids. We wouldn't do it now with all the chemicals out there. It was fun to be close to a field when a breeze crossed a wet field and came in the house. We didn't have A/C in the 1950s. Thanks for bring back great memories for me. You have to contain the plant or it spreads everywhere. The stock watering tanks in metal or rubber are great flower beds for alfalfa and clover. I'll be anxious to see how high it grows for you in a year. It grows at least 2 feet tall too. Have fun! I may go to the feed store and get me some seed too.
    Thanks for the memories.

  5. Penny, I love your kitchen decor, especially the tin ceiling tiles behind your sink. The al_al_a (sixth letter in alphabet not printing! Wah!) blooms look so pretty in your galvanized tub. Simple beauty. Now I'm hungry _or sprouts!

  6. I love the sink cover! Did you make it?

  7. Penny,
    Love the alpha grass in that galvanized container!!! Very pretty!

  8. I never thought of planting alfalfa & bringing it in the house. I have some great vintage enamel ware perfect for this! Glad I came across your site on the Friday Feature party!

  9. The alfalfa looks lovely in your kitchen! I'm very envious! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  10. I didn't realize alfalfa grass got flowers on it! Learned something new! Thanks for sharing with us at The Blogger's Pit Stop!


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