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Friday, December 6, 2019

2019 Christmas Kitchen, Hot Cocoa Bar, and Poinsettia Tree

I finished decorating the kitchen yesterday and now I'm ready to have some fun entertaining friends and family!

I have decorated with a few live plants in the kitchen this Christmas......

I took advantage of the Black Friday sales and bought enough poinsettia's to make a Christmas tree with them.....

I've been digging out some of my older Christmas decor to use this year.   The red mailbox that I gave a white makeover to belonged to my mother     My thought on painting it white was that I could use it year round.....

I have the pass thru between the kitchen and family room set up with a Hot cocoa bar.

The centerpiece for my Hot Cocoa bar is a Santa and sleigh that belonged to my mother.    It's probably more than 15 years old and was one of her favorite Christmas decorations.     

I forgot to put in my caption that Santa's head also moves.

I love using the pass thru to serve on because I can use both sides.....

I have a few snacks set up today for H & I to munch on while we're decorating the house.

Macaron's are my favorite snack......H likes the peppermint sticks the best.

Here's the family room side of the pass thru......

I have a punch bowl set up here today,    but sometimes I have a crock full of hot chocolate there.

I always put out the recipe I'm using and copies for guest to take home if they would like to.    I haven't made my copies yet,   but when I do they will go in that little shelf under the recipe.

Sometimes I serve a fruit punch....but I think everyone likes the ice cream sherbet one the best

I shared a tour of the other side of the kitchen in an earlier post......

Here's a link to that post in case you missed it......

I enjoy your  visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. That all looks delicious. I doubt I could withstand the temptation. Thanks for the tip on where to get the macarons. Love the centerpiece!

  2. Love the Santa and the sled....I also noticed the milk glass on the other side of the pass through...The Hot cocoa bar is charming!! Adore the pink and red poinsettias!

  3. Love your Christmas kitchen. What a lovely hot coco bar :)

  4. Penny, you really are amazing. Some day, I'd love to see your house in person--you create such beautiful spaces!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  5. Please share your sherbet punch recipr

  6. PLEASE share your sherbet punch recipe

  7. Wow and part of it looks like my Grandma's kitchen which really brings me back. It sounds like you keep the hot cocoa in a crockpot to keep it warm?

  8. Your home is beautiful with decorations, I love your mothers sleigh, it is perfect!
    Merry Christmas dear Penny!
    Please stop by and share again!

  9. What a lovely hot cocoa bar, Penny! You went all out, as usual! ;) Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About... the party returns from the Christmas break this Tuesday, 1/7. Hope to see you there, and Happy New Year!


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