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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

The laundry room makeover all began with the washer deciding it would stop working the first week in December.    It had been about 7 years since the laundry room had been painted,  so we decided that when we took out the old washer and dryer we would paint over the pale yellow walls with a fresh coat of white paint .

I had to take down the window treatment when we painted,   and since it had been up for several years I decided not to put it back but replace it with something new.    

The chandy that had been up for several years also had to come down when we painted and I decided not to put it back up either.    H installed new farmhouse style lighting in the ceiling ....and I love it!

I hung a new metal fluff and fold sign over the doors to the water heater and heating unit.     It's just hung on a couple of screws and can be easily took down when we need in there to change the filters,  etc......

I don't like for some of my clothes to be put in the dryer and in the past I would just hang them on the cabinet knobs in the laundry room.     I found this neat drying rack at Hobby Lobby .....
I have a white enamel mail box to put lost socks in......a white enamel bowl with a faucet holds the laundry detergent......  and the metal laundry basket is full of vintage wooden hanger to hang clothes on to dry on the rack.

The laundry room has an ironing board on the back of the door and I use my drying rack to hang freshly ironed pieces until I'm ready to put them away in the closet.

As shown in the before photo,   you can see the washer and dryer were on pedestals which we decided not to use on the new set.     H made over the storage piece you see between the w /d and put doors on it.

H put galvanized metal behind the folding table between the washer and dryer and I created a sweet farmhouse vignette on it.

I created a vignette on the dryer, 
The dryer sheets used to be in the cabinets over the dryer,   but now they are much handier in the white enamel container on top of the dryer.

The previous photo's that you've seen of the new Farmhouse chandelier have had the Edison lights on which made the chandy look like brown color.   Here you can see that the chandy is actually a grey weathered wood color.

I shared a post earlier showing the detail of the new window treatment.....if you missed that post here's a link to it....

I gave the desk a mini makeover too. 
  It was originally painted white but the sealer we put over the white paint had turned a ugly yellow color.    So,  H sanded the sealer off and put a new coat of white paint on it that we hope will be durable without putting a sealer coat over it.     This desk gets a lot of use......for one....I use it ever day to put on my make up and do my!

I traded out the mirror that had been hung over the desk for the one that you've seen many times sitting on top of the chesser in the master bedroom.    

Not only did the new mirror give a new look to that area,    it gave me two good sized drawers to put make up and stuff in.

   I created a bouquet on the left side of the mirror using frosted peonies since it is still winter here although it's 65 degree's outside. today

I placed a buffalo check rag garland around the mirror and added a barn and some farm animals to complete the look I was going for in the laundry room.

The cabinets that line this wall all got a new coat of white paint and H put galvanized metal around the top of the cabinet.

The laundry room is on the south side of the house and is almost always flooded with sunlight making it a pleasant place to do laundry....and.....all that natural light makes it a perfect place to apply my makeup and do my hair!   This was such a fun project and I am very pleased with the new look!    


  1. I really like this! We are hoping to do something with our laundry room this year and I never thought of putting a desk in there.

  2. Dear Penny, What a beautiful creative laundry room. I do like what you and Mr H have done to this room.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a beautiful makeover! I love that new light too.

  4. Love the laundry room...especially the wreath off to the side. Did you make it? Appears there is muslin fabric and wired ribbon in checked design?

  5. Hmmmm, a Penny Transformation. You always take your rooms to the very end...! Something I should aspire to do. Great Success on this one!

  6. Your new laundry room has some charming vintage features. It is adorable. Hope you enjoy it for a long time. You are welcome to share it this week at the Home Matters Linky Party on Friday. Hope to see you there.

  7. Only you could have such a post laundry. It is stunning, you have great taste.

  8. The laundry room looks great! I love all that you did in this room. We did a big laundry room makeover a few years ago. It is now a pleasure to do laundry.

  9. Your laundry room is really pretty. I love how feminine it is and the light fixture is really nice. TFS and for co-hosting with me at #omhgww. I have socialized.

  10. Wow, the white paint really brightened up the room. I also love the chair makeover. Great job.

  11. I love it! I really like the white crisp paint and more light without the window treatment. I have a nice size laundry room and one day would like to add a couple features to it. That hanging rack is really neat.

  12. Your laundry room is lovely! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  13. Penny,
    Very charming!! It really is a reflection of your new style marrying what you loved in the past with a new look...

  14. Definitely love the makeover! Makes the space look a bit more open! Good choices, Penny!

  15. Penny,
    You are so welcome for the feature. I love your laundry room. It is adorable. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  16. Penny, I love your banner with the animals. It looks like the animals are made out of white porcelain? Or metal? Where did you get them. I love them so much! Love the banner in general also. I think it would look good in my living room. Best wishes. Linda Crafts a la mode

  17. Outstanding style you have here and great blog! Glad I stumbled across this while getting ideas for my own laundry room. We hope you are running that dryer on solar energy. It saved our house a ton of money when we got ours installed.


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