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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Fresh Window Treatment and Farmhouse Chandelier for the Laundry Room

The walls are freshly painted,     new washer and dryer installed and now it's time to have some fun decorating the laundry room.

While I am having fun decorating,    H is still hard at work!   He removed the fluorescent lighting and installed a grey weathered wood Farmhouse chandelier

 H had to climb up in the attic to get to the wires he needed to install the new light fixture.    I knew we had stored some "stuff" up in the attic,  so I asked him to take a few photo's of what was up there for me to look at.

When I looked at the photo's H took in the attic,   I spotted something pink sticking out from under a couple of truck mud flaps....yep mud!     He had saved them from one of the trucks he had when he was in the trucking business.     I asked him to bring "that pink thing" down for me to look at.    When I saw it,   I knew it was just what I was looking for to put over the window in the laundry room..

All that "pink thing" needed was a fresh coat of white paint to be the perfect window covering for the laundry room.

I am loving the mini makeover we are giving the laundry room!     I'll be back soon with the complete reveal!



  1. I love how you change things up! You have such a good eye for repurposing items.

  2. I love this idea for the window Penny, you are so clever. I'll be waiting for the reveal.

  3. Oh my goodness, I have no idea what is in our Probably a squirrel or two. Yes, your laundry room will be adorable and the light coming in through the window now!

  4. I'm enjoying watching your progress! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  5. I adore the new window treatment. It is so fresh looking.

  6. Penny,
    OMG, I love that window treatment. The chicken crossing is adorable. Love it all. Congratulations, you are being featured on Thursday Favorite Things. I hope you stop by.

  7. Penny,
    Interesting repurposing of the window treatment...We are the opposite here...I am the one who is always up the attic and Joe has NO IDEA what is up there. I can walk around up there hunched over but every single time he goes up there, he impales his head and back with the roofing nails in the roof!! LOL!! Thank Goodness now with my knee surgery done, I can go up the attic and just hand things down to him....


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