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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Farm Animal Valentines Day Centerpiece

H & I are going to celebrate Valentines Day with a simple dinner at home with a couple that have been long time friends of ours..

I made a Valentines centerpiece for the table using roses,  pink & white checked hearts,  and some cheesy farm animal cards that I found here......

These animal Valentine cards would be perfect on a banner too!

I used mix and match place setting on my Valentine table.....

On the harp table under the window,    I have a sweet mouse couple sitting on a bench enjoying the sun.

It's a pretty sunny day here in Eastern New Mexico,   but if you look past the can see the backyard is covered in snow.    

Also....there are a couple of other changes in the family dining room .....

There is a new picture on the wall.    Actually I've had the print for several is just in a different frame.

I found the "before" chandelier  picture in a stack of pics that I haven't used in a long time.     I still loved the frame after all these years and decided to put a different picture in it that would fit in better with the Farmhouse style I have in our home now.

I also filled in the empty corner with a dress form that I had in the kitchen.   I'll share what I put in the dress form's place in an upcoming post.

Who's ready to get out the Spring / Easter decor after Valentines Day?     


  1. Beautiful tablescape Penny, lovin those animal valentine printables!

  2. Those animal valentine cards are so unique and pretty dishware. Have a Happy Valentines Day and dinner.

  3. You can decore everything and you can always create magical atmosphere

  4. I'm definitely ready to get out Spring/Easter décor. It is sooooo cold in Illinois right now. I'm so ready for warmer weather.

  5. Good morning, Here we are in Northern Colorado with snow storms every other day for over a week now, closer to two weeks and weather to remain the same for another week. I am not complaining as a coworker's son is working in Nebraska with minus 42 degree wind chill. He is working outside in that temperature. It is Winter, what do I think, I'm in Hawaii???
    I love your Valentine decorations especially the mice setting on the bench. I like the mix of dinner plates too. I like matching, but we have to relax and enjoy what we have and quit being so uptight about life. Thanks for reminding us to enjoy the beauty from each thing we have. We are so very blessed in this country. I also like the traveling dress form. It adds so much personality to the room.
    Thank you. Hope you and Mr H enjoy your Valentine Day together.

  6. Hi Penny
    I love your home and your style. I am so ready to put away the hearts and red roses. LOL! Very ready for spring decorating. Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day!

  7. you did it again I love the animals my grandkids would love then as well thanks for sharing come see us at

  8. You had me at farm animals. You have a great eye for decorating.


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