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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Dandelion Floral Design

Dandelions.....are they a flower or a weed?

I have mixed emotions when it comes to dandelions..........I love them when they have a pretty yellow blooms   but not so much when they turn to "seed" and the wind blows the seed all over the!

When I saw these faux dandelions at Michael's the other day,    I knew they would make a lovely bouquet so I picked a few stems up.

Aren't they pretty?


I also found some greenery at Michael's to fill in around my stems that looked kind of dandeliony......

I am frequently asked about the chandelier that hangs over the family dining room table so I thought I would share a little history on it......     
  I bought it at an auction several years ago in the little town of Sudan,  Texas.      I also picked up the two smaller chandeliers that you can see hung on the wall in the back ground.     The 3 chandeliers are a matching set,  but they sold them separately.    I don't remember exactly what I paid for the 3 but it was less than $100.   Almost all of the chandys that you see in our home have come from yard or estate sales and were less than $25 each.

Here's a better photo of the 2 smaller chandeliers.

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. Lookin' good Penny! I love the dandelions! They look fresh and breezy! Happy Monday to you

  2. Awesome background on your chandeliers! I've never come across one I loved that I could afford. Very lucky!! I love dandelions, we don't cut until they have turned to seed so the bees and butterflies can have their first food of the season. The leaves and heads make wonderful and healthy additions to salads! Enjoy your day Penny.

  3. Penny, I love the look of the dandelions but I hate them in everyday life. I'm voting worst weed ever.

  4. Oh Penny!! What fun. I am always so busy trying to get rid of them that I forget to stop and appreciate them. Well done.

  5. Dear Penny...funny story on Dandelions. I think at the end of the 19th centure a Garden club in Denver was organizing the opening of a new garden that had been donated, they imported Dandelions from Japan....for the opening of the show.(North America did not have dandelions at this point). They were a huge, and the unusual plant was coveted by all the society gardeners...little did they know the plague they would be 120 years later...I love that they are faux, which is what every dandelion should be, LOL. Pretty photos, and I just had to share that story! Sandi

  6. I had a friend who called dandelions "God's Favorite Flower." When questioned, she'd say, "They must be; He made so many of them." They are one of the few flowers that I love to hate. I used to thank my kids profusely for any bouquet of them that they picked for me; fewer going to seed! My daughter is trying to make dandelion wine for the first time! I like your faux ones--but you can't make a wish if you poufffff on them!

  7. I love the story Sadi told in the comment above as I also live in Colorado and we are constantly at war with dandelions growing in our lawn. I've seen them growing at 14,000 feet elevation where hardly anything else will grow!

  8. Dandelions? Love it! A lovely room - and that stained glass in the window is gorgeous!
    So glad you stopped by to share at our weekly Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop this week.

  9. When I was a kid they were definitely a fun flower but now when they spread their joy across my lawn, no so much. :)

  10. I thought they were real at first. They're great! What a lovely arrangement.

  11. They are very realistic looking! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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