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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

DIY Snowball & Lemon Spring Wreath

I usually create my wreaths from scratch,  but sometimes one in a craft store will catch my eye.    Of course,  once I bring it home it's not ready to hang until I add a few personal touches to it! 

I found this wreath at Joann's last one get one.....can't beat that price!

The first thing I added was lemons......

Then snow ball blooms.....

Next I added some sprigs of Forsynthia......

And for the final personal touch,    I tucked in a few stems of pink babys-breath type flowers.

I thought I would include some pics in my post of our Snowball bushes from years past.   I haven't taken any photos this year yet as the blooms are still small and mostly green......  

I hung my wreath over the mantel on the faux fireplace that's on the back porch.   I will be back with a new post sharing how the porch looks when I finish decorating it for spring......til then....stay safe and happy!


  1. Your enhanced spring wreath is beautiful, Penny!

  2. Your wreath is so pretty and the lemons were a great touch.

  3. so pretty, Penny. I love the pink and yellow color theme. The lemons added in are perfect!

  4. I simply love this wreath. Beautiful.

  5. Love your wreath! Buy one, get one is my kind of bargain. I have been on a wreath making kick and really enjoy the creative process. After seeing how you added lemons, I think I need to add fruits and vegetables to my stash of supplies.

  6. penny,
    Love the wrath and adore the use of lemons!! So pretty!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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