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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Farmhouse Outdoor Mural for the Backside of my She Shed

Outdoor murals are frequently used to dress up sheds,  garages,  fences, and blank ugly walls.    Since I don't paint,   I decided to dress up the back wall of my She Shed with a fabric shower curtain.

I've used shower curtains as outdoor murals for years and found that they weather really well.   I had the one you see in the before pic for about 4 years.   It came from Amazon and was about $30 so they are very budget friendly   The new one was only $20 and I feel it will last at least 4 years since the fabric was a little heavier than the other one.

This time,   I picked a Farmhouse style curtain to cover the ugly back side of my shed.    H converted a retired utility trailer to make me a She Shed.   I have another She Shed in the back yard that doubles as a green house in the spring.....this one doubles as an art studio.    Here's a link to a post that shows the inside.....

We freshened up the back side of the shed by hanging a bicycle on the door next to the mural

The basket on the bicycle is filled with greenery and a bird nest.

The shed also has new fencing....well, new to!     Someone had thrown 4 panels on the curb and said we could have it!     H had to do some minor repairs to them,  but I think they look great now.  The remainder of the panels are on the other side of the shed,   so you will see them in a later post.

H and I have spent a lot of time cleaning the yard this spring.    We have trimmed tree's and raked up tons of dry leaves.....and if you look back at the house you can see what H brought around from the back yard to store our water hose on.

Nothing fancy,  but the hose looks better in this old wheel barrow than it does just laying on the ground.
I hope I can come up with an idea to make it look better,  but for now it's ok.    Any ideas??   Maybe a small wreath or sign on the front?   a pot of flowers nearby.....

I love this curtain so much that I've ordered a second one to cover an ugly wall in the back yard.   Here's where it came from......

With the back of the She Shed finished,    we've moved on to the front.    When the fresh new look is completed,   I will be back to share it with you guys.    Just a little hint.....the new look involves using a 4 poster headboard.    



  1. OMG! I simple love the mural. Thank your for sharing the before and after.

  2. I love the new mural! So fun and whimsical!

  3. Ha ha! Very unique! Wonder if there are ones that have a cottage scene or garden scene on them?

  4. what a super idea The price cant be beat either everything you and H do are fabulous thanks for sharing

  5. What a genius idea Penny The cat on the cows head made me burst out laughing.

  6. It looks great! Very shabby chic, which I love. For the water hose, I think a plant or flowering plant in the middle of the hose would look good, and perhaps a small simple wreath on the front of the wheel barrow. I use the small green styrofoam wreath forms from Dollar Tree to add to small areas like that. I cover them with ribbon, burlap, fabric etc. with glass gems, flowers, ribbon to dress it up. Maybe another shower curtain piece would weather well. You can check out a few of mine. I hang them on our balcony doors and they've all held up in the weather, two made it through a hurricane (poor wreaths, I forgot them outside).

  7. Love the idea! Using a shower curtain as a mural! ;)

  8. I love your creative idea with the shower curtain.....think I will do something similar to cover my potting bench area!

  9. So many creative ideas! Taking notes...

  10. Absolutely love your mural.
    I had check into someone about painting a farm style mural on my shed but wanted more than I could afford. This has really given me an idea. Thank You
    Looks like the curtain mural was just screwed to your shed..........Right?

  11. this is so much fun, I would never have thought of a shower curtain. such a great idea. I'm totally in love with that wheelbarrow. Thanks so much for always coming by and sharing the fun, Penny!

  12. Wow I love this idea. I don't paint either but the shower curtain idea is genius. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. See you next week


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