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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Saying Goodbye to My Beautiful Garden Beds

Change is never easy but it was especially hard for me to make the decision to take down the garden beds that have been in our backyard since about 2014.    I've collected head/foot boards for years and have quite a!

The head and foot boards have changed over the years....the one on the left was one of my first ones,   pretty simple huh?   The ones on the right came later and are some of my more ornate ones.

This is my favorite set and I loved it so much that I didn't want to see it rust in the garden so I moved it into the house.......

It found a new home as a "hall bed"....hehe!

Sadly this is how it looked this spring......we had a very dry winter here in eastern New Mexico and lost a lot of the plants that were in the back yard.    The wood frame "bed" frame needed to be replaced....we had lost most of the rose bushes in the,  H and I made the decision to take it all out and put grass in it's place.

I thought about planting a wild flower garden in it's place,   but changed my mind.   It will be a lot easier for H just to just mow this area when he does the yard.     I haven't given up on the wild flower idea yet!   I have another area of the yard in mind for it!

When we get the grass in,   I think the backyard will have a clean simple ....less cluttered look for sure!
                       Did I get rid of my head/foot boards.....heavens no!   I have plans for them!




  1. Change is hard. You are managing it with such courage.

  2. I love the "after",....sometimes simple is best! It looks so much larger now!

  3. Can't wait to see what you do! Looks great! laura

  4. Looking forward to how you will repurpose all the garden "beds".

  5. It looks so nice
    you will learn to love it

  6. I think it looks great! Thanks for sharing on Happiness is Homemade at!

  7. I'm with you...simplifying might be a really good change. Maintenance on so much can just get away from you. And, whether or not we have global warming or not...seasons have been waffling here also. Winter is later...more freeze thaw cycles...and then a deep freeze and snow (Chicagoland). This is horrible for plants. Sorry you lost so much, but I imagine freeze/thaws were the cause and dry conditions can make cold worse. Hugs, I'm sure you will enjoy the space, I see a nice place for a hammock under the shade of the tree...HUGS, Sandi

  8. Love the way you tied the "hall bed" to the supports. Great way to save your memory of your yard. Yards grow and change. The weather, your needs, your abilities. Glad you are able to "roll" with it.

  9. Change rarely is easy but I do like how open and airy the yard looks now.

  10. This looks amazing and so fresh! Ready for a fresh Spring Start!

  11. I got rid of all the grass in my front yard and have a couple trees and all garden. In back I have a patio and lots of garden with only a 20 ft x 10 ft grassy area.

  12. Change is hard. I have mostly perennials left. Much less maintenance.

  13. Such beautiful photos of your flower gardens! I think wild flowers would be a wonderful addition as well and I am cant wait to see what you do with your head and food boards next:)

  14. Penny, I think change is so hard, especially as we get older, but I imagine you are enjoying the garden's new look! Happy to feature your garden at this week's Share Your Style #303 for you! <3

    Happy gardening! We lost a bunch of plants, mostly boxwood from the Arctic freeze. We were at 7 deg. F but -12 with windchill... Two bushes outfront are going to take ALL SUMMER to recover. Leafing now.

    Barb :)

    1. Hi Barb, I am thrilled to be included in your features this week.....thank you! We lost a bunch of plants too. Several of our rose bushes died and the rest of them had to be cut back almost to the ground to get off all the dead parts....hugs....

  15. How sad about your beautiful flower beds. They were really unique. But, give the wild flower idea some more thought, and if you can, watch Gardeners World season 16 on Netflex. The host, Monty Don has wild flowers mixed in with the grass. So at some point he does mow the lawn!
    Thanks for sharing this and all you posts and the FWF link party.


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