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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New Patio Umbrella, Hail Storm and a Nod to Memorial Day

I wanted a patio umbrella to use in the backyard and instead of getting a new one for there,   I decided to buy one for the front yard and move the old umbrella to the backyard. 

I found a pretty black and white ticking umbrella for the front yard......and as you can see I've started to give an early nod to Memorial Day....hehe!

The buffalo check umbrella from the front porch found a new home in the backyard .....  

We had a pretty bad hail storm Monday night and it took most of yesterday to get the front yard cleaned up.    (still have more to do in the backyard)

This is the mess that we woke up to Tuesday morning.....

It's a wonder that we have any leaves at all left on the tree's!     Now we need to get someone up here to look at the roof for damage.....

I have the front porch decorated in a pastel theme for Memorial Day and hope to share close ups in the next few days!    



  1. Oh how terrible, looks like it didn't do major damage,except your not sure of the roof. What a mess it left behind, looks like nothing happened after the clean up.Love the bucket with roses.

  2. Penny the roses with flags in the pot looks great. Sorry about the damage hopefully it didn't cause any real problems.

  3. AW, Penny, such a shame, it is early in the season and hopefully the trees and plants/flowers will all recover. We had a 30+ degree drop in temps---I will just be happy if it doesn't snow. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend, Sandi


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