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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Wildflowers, Sun Room Porch , and Rose Garden

There is a big deck on the east side of the sun room,   and a small porch comes off the south side.   H had to replace the deck on the east side couple of years ago and the small porch was in dire need of repairs this year.   It probably would have been easier to just tear it down and start over from scratch,   but the porch posts have always been a favorite of mine so we decided to keep them and do a make over.

I've always wanted a wildflower garden so we decided to take this opportunity to take out the existing flowers beds on each side of the porch.     I am so excited to see what flowers come up from the seed packets that I planted.

The wildflower beds are behind the black wicker chairs and I can't wait to see all that dirt bursting with wildflowers later this summer.

I am so pleased with the new look!

Now for a tour of the rose garden......

The winter took a toll on my rose bushes and they had to be cut down almost to the ground......

They are small,  but I am just glad to see that they made it thru the winter.

I filled in around the rose bushes with lavender, white marigolds,  and these gorgeous ruffled petunia's

The white roses are prettier this year than they have been in years past......and the lavender blooms you see in the background are too!

I wanted to share one more look at the new porch......

H hung new solar lights on each side of the porch......

I found the new porch sign at Kirklands and those sweet white enamel planters came from Tractor Supply.

Here's a peek at the new wall grouping that I created over the sofa in the sun room.    Everything I used to create it was stuff I already had on hand.

The white star that H hung on the brick wall can be found at Tractor Supply too!

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon! 



  1. I always enjoy every makeover that you do! Another great one here!

  2. Looks great Penny!! You and H have been very busy this spring. :-)

  3. Everything looks so fresh and cozy. Those enamel planters are wonderful I'm heading over to check them out. Thanks Penny.

  4. Adorable. Those porch posts are really fun. The roses look fabulous.

  5. I saw the sign that said Roses! Perfect for me!! My place!! Lol


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