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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

New Look for our Multipurpose Garden Shed

Our little Tuff Shed is one of the most functional structures in the back yard.     In the winter,   it houses outdoor furniture, garden tools,  flower pots.....etc.    In the spring,  H brings all the furniture outdoors and the shed has plenty of room in it to do double duty as a Potting Shed.     

Right next door to the Garden shed is a second Tuff Shed that H uses as a Tool Shed.     Both of them are over 10 years old and it was time for them both to get a fresh new paint job and some minor upgrades.

I just love the new look!

You have seen these pink beds before in the greenhouse/summer cottage.   H moved them to the front of the Garden Shed to give it a little different look than it has had in the past.

Here's how they looked in the greenhouse.    It got a mini makeover as well,   and I can't wait to share it with you later.

Here's a few more pics of the new look......

The fenced area on this side of the Garden Shed will hopefully be planted in a vegetable garden this spring   I'm running out of time,   so I better get it done soon!

Now I want to show you all the work that we did to give the shed's their new look..... 

Next we will put our efforts into the grass and I am going to add some wild flower beds to the area as well.

After the grass and flower beds are all planted we have plans to move to this area of the yard where the rose garden is just beginning to bloom.     This area will get a small makeover that I will be sharing in a few weeks.     We schedule our big projects in the spring while it is still cool,   and then relax and enjoy the yard during the summer and early fall when it's too hot to do hard!



  1. Love the new look of the shed, Penny. That door embellishment is wonderful. great color too!

  2. I love the new door with the extra trim it really stand out and the color you've picked is so pretty!

  3. Wow, really nice upgrade! I so enjoy seeing all the hard work you and your hubby do to enhance your outdoor living spaces.

  4. Love all of the changes you have been making- your yard is so lovely.

  5. The shel makeover looks amazing.

  6. If I had that shed, I think I would hang out there all day! I love it!

  7. The shed looks great! I love the gray color and the door design and the benches and everything. lol. Really lovely. XO- MaryJo

  8. Wow, Penny... your update looks SO GOOD! Love how clean and fresh it looks, and love how everything coordinates. Pink/white/grey... just can never go wrong with those colors! Pinned, and delighted to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About's 100th edition tomorrow!

  9. You have been very busy and everything is so fresh, I love the new colors. Wow your roses are really full of buds. Be sure to stop by omhgww and share this week!
    Have a lovely week!

  10. Love the new look - very nicely edited and the Repose Gray is fabulous.

  11. The shed looks fantastic. I love Repose Gray. It's a great color. The windows are darling.

  12. Penny, I love the new color and look of your garden shed!! I'm sorry I didn't get back over last weekend (and now it's this weekend!) to say how much I liked it. I did feature your post at Share Your Style #304, though. :)

    We have a shed coming and it looks much like yours. :) I'll share it later this summer after it gets installed. Lots to do in the backyard before hand!

    Enjoy your weekend and beautiful garden,
    Barb :)


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