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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Boho Bedroom Transformed into Cozy Cottage Style

Our Granddaughter & I had so much fun transforming her bedroom into a Boho style pre teen room several years ago    At that time Ky spent several nights a week with us while her mom worked as an RN at the hospital.    Things have changed and Ky & our daughter now live on a ranch about 100 miles away so she isn't here near as often.     

The room really needed a fresh look so this time I decorated it in a style that I've always loved.....cottage.

I included lots of bird related accessories which I also love!      This sweet birdhouse is a Jim Shore that I added to my collection of birdhouses several years ago.

We took out the faux fireplace on this wall and moved it to the family room.     The new wall art came from my bedroom which I refreshed a couple of months ago with different wall art 

More birds that give the room a feel of "Cottage in the woods"

The new bedding is some you've seen me use many times in the past.    Some bedding comes and goes....others remain a favorite over the years.

This wall art also came from my bedroom.....I love to do a refresh using stuff that I have on hand. 

This cute side table/ magazine holder came from one of the guest rooms.    I had a wood finished side table in here before that fit much better in the guest room since it had mostly natural wood finished furniture and this white one works much better in this mostly painted wood bedroom.   

I hung a mirror over the dresser this time that had more gold tones to it.......I like it much better than the larger white painted mirror that I had there before. 

The mirror on standing on the floor was also one that I have had in storage in the studio for several years.     It is nice to bring them back out and enjoy them again!

Now,   I want to share a few before and after photo's......

The chair in the before pic had seen better days....I donated it.    The side table in the before went to a spare bedroom.    The baby springs I had on the wall went to my junk pile out behind the studio....maybe you will see those again.     The new pink chair in the after pic came from the formal dining room  (the formal dining room is getting a fresh look too)

The faux fireplace in the before pic found a home in the family's a link to that post if you would like to see how it looks now.....

The slot machine in the before pic found a new home in H's man cave.....oh,  I've never shown you that area have I.    I promise I will someday!  

Our home is undergoing a lot of changes right now and so far I have loved all of them.    We've organized our way to a much cleaner a less cluttered look for our home



  1. Penny,
    Love the "new" look in this bedroom,....Loved seeing things that you used years ago, making a come back now that Cottagecore style is something new...well, not really as you and I have seen it all once , maybe even twice before.....Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I really like the new look. It is much simpler and fresher looking. Nice job. xo Diana

  3. Absolutely darling Penney!! Your dreamy colors make me swoon!!!!! Crystal Scott

  4. Wonderful new edited look. Love it.

  5. I love this look. When I bought my small home exactly one year ago, I decided to make it a sweet cottage. Throughout the year, this and that always kept me from decorating - just plain laziness more than anything truth be told. Seeing this bedroom of yours this morning gives me the drive to actually do it! My mind is overdrive at the moment - thinking about things in storage to get out for that country cottage look. BTW, so glad to hear H has a man cave. Thanks, Penny!

  6. Very pretty, Debbie. How fun to have a room for her! Hugs, Sandi

  7. Good morning,
    Wow, the bedroom is so clean and open now. Yes, I love the new look. I too love the cottage look without so much stuff. It's a reminder too me "little is more".
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Nice! Cute look. I am in to blues so would lean that way.


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