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Monday, July 12, 2021

Going Once....Twice....SOLD

We have been on a mission since the first of the year to purge,   organize,  donate, and send unused stuff to the auction.     H has made many trips with his little trailer and work car filled to the max and this morning I stepped outside and took a few pics before he left with a load to the auction.    

I thought you guys might enjoy a preview of what H is taking out there this morning..    

H was in the frieght business for 40 years and knows how to pack a load ......tight and!

He didn't even leave a seat for me to go with him today!

I parted with my overflow of quilts.   crocheted pieces,  and bedding.

Some of my friends have booths in the antique malls in our area and I hope they are able to get some good buys for their shops 

Going One......Twice....SOLD!



  1. Boy, my neighbor could use your husband's skills in packing. They started moving on Saturday and I swear they are taking each item to the new house individually! It is driving my husband, who is supervising from our porch across the street, crazy. They might put 3 boxes in the back of a pickup and use several gallons of gas to get back and forth to the new place LOL.

  2. I must have missed the reason for this action. Good luck.

    1. Hi Rose, The only reason is that I am tired of so much cutter and want to simplify our life a litte.....xoxo

  3. Oh Penny this is so brave. Especially parting with quilts. Let us know how it goes. I wish I lived close by and could rummage through this stuff..... :)

  4. That's funny that it bothers some people how others do things. They sure would not have wanted to watch or follow Martha Stewart when she moved from Turkey Hill farm. She said she use large Suburbans until she had to move some large pieces of furniture by truck.
    I am glad you are purging as that's what I'm trying to do too. You almost have to put on blinders to let go of things or at least I do. Somethings it's easy to let go of and move on, but the "I'll need that someday, if I get rid of it now" is a pain to not let enter our mind.
    Thanks for sharing and showing us we can let go and move on to other things.
    A little thought the more we let go the more that will come back to us in various ways.

  5. So, my question is did you sell it all? I always wonder if you make anything.

  6. The auction house won't be holding the one that our stuff is in for a few more weeks.....I'll let you know how we did! xoxo

  7. How awesome! Great job packing, that is impressive! Hope you sell lots!

  8. I hope it all sells well. Clearing out does feel good once it's done but getting there can be a bit of an ordeal!


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