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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Fall Mantel, Buffalo Check Wood / Fabric Pumpkins, and Free Fall Sunflower Prints

I have lots to share with you guys today,   so be prepared for a longer than usual post!

The fall mantel that I created this year has green touches on it....a color I don't normally use very much of in my fall decorating.

The Pumpkin Patch sign that I have on the mantel has lots of green in it.     I wanted to layer my sign over a metal picture that was already hung over the mantel.      I thought about putting my Pumpkin Patch sign on an easel and setting it in front of the existing picture ,   but wanted to use something out of the box so I put it on a stack of clear glass pedestals.   By using the pedestals,   I was able to tuck in 3 pumpkins,   ferns,   and a couple of sunflowers under the bottom pedestal.

I like for things to I have pretty much the same thing on each side of my Pumpkin Patch sign.

On the left side  I have a couple of of them carries on more of the green color.....more ferns....and a really pretty sunflower print that I got free!    

I'll share where I got the free prints at the end of my post......they are gorgeous!

Now for a look at the other end of the's almost the same as the left side except the sunflower print is different.

The lovely green velvet pumpkins I have on the mantel came from Hobby Lobby.    I only found 2 of them after looking at 3 different HL's so I don't know if they are just scarce in my area or everywhere.

The colors on the prints that Andrea is giving away on her blog are so soft and pretty.....just the way I love to decorate for fall.

Did I mention that this post is pretty! 

   There is so much already going on in the family room that I made the vignette on the coffee table very simple......a pot of white chrysanthimums and a white pick up with a pig riding in the bed.

The big pink and cream buffalo check pumpkins on each side of the fireplace are new.    H made them using some left over plywood from a shelving project he made me in the studio.

I drew the pumpkins directly on the plywood and H cut them out......

Then he sprayed the plywood with 3M adhesive......laid my fabric over it.....smoothed out the fabric  and then used a razor blade to cut away the excess fabric.

I wrapped the stem with some ribbon that I've had forever and don't remember where it came from     A good sub would be to cover the stem with burlap.     

H screwed a couple of left over pieces of 2 x 4 on the back of the pumpkin to make it free standing.

As I promised earlier,   here's a link that you can click on to get the free prints that you can use in your fall decorating ......... 

and for the other botanical bouquet print click here.......

Thanks for stopping by and also for staying with me til the end of my long post.....hugs


  1. Hi Penny! Your fall mantel looks so pretty! Your home looks like it should be in a charming cottage magazine! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. Good morning, Wow, you did a great job for Fall. Love the soft colors. Ok, I want to see the pig in the back of the pickup. The pictures are wonder.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Gorgeous! I love the prints, large pumpkins, and your throw blanket. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing the beautiful printables, and I LOVE the sage green with your pumpkins.

  5. Looks great, Penny!! The prints fit in so well with your decor and the greenery looks beautiful! It gives it a pop of color!!


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