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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

How I Changed the SunROOM into a Casual SunPORCH

This is a project I have wanted to do for a very long time and it never made it the top of my To Do list..... until now
I wanted  to give our sunroom the feeling that it was an extension of the yard....not an extension of the living room.    

    So,   I made changes to the decor,,,,,replaced some of the furniture..... and gave it a new name...

The Sun Porch

In the before picture you see two bulky living room style upholstered the after photo I have replaced them with porch style airy white wicker chairs.    I am hoping to find a different sofa that will be a better fit for the new look.        I sent the 2 upholstered chairs to the auction and my long time favorite giraffe lamp went to the studio and loves her new home there.  

I replaced lots of my indoor style accessories with lush faux green plants that give the new sun porch a feeling of sitting outside......and with the doors open you are as about  close as you can get without actually being!

I replaced the decorating accessories on each side of the armoire with very realistic looking plants.   I got several of my plants at Home Goods and a couple of them came from upscale estate sales.

I made similar changes to this side of the room. 

  In the photo below,   you will see that the rockers were replaced with the wicker chairs that you see in the above photo.     The wicker chairs on this side of the room match the ones on each side of the sofa.    The wicker chairs are so light weight that I can easily set the four of them out in the yard around a card table and dine al fresco with friends or play some cards!

In the before photo,   you see a centerpiece I made using live wild flowers that I gathered in a near by field    When they died,   I replaced them with a faux succulent centerpiece that I will use until I get a chance to get some live fall flowers.   I like to use live flowers whenever possible...and faux in the mean time.

I created a new vignette for the top of the buffet......and designed a flower/plant tree to set on the side of my water trough buffet.      I included pink sunflowers like I have used in the rest of the room in my design and I have gorgeous faux cat tails springing out of the sunflowers.    I found my cat tails at Paul Michaels a few years ago when I was at the big market in Canton Texas. 

They are so life like it's hard to tell they are faux and not real!

I'm so glad that you stopped by.......come back again real soon....hugs



  1. I just recently discovered your blog. I love it! I also love your house.

  2. That looks great Penny and lighter. I do love your giraffe lamp a lot.

  3. Good morning, Well, nice change to freshen up your sunroom. Love the faux flowers and plants especially the cat tails. I picked some real ones once and forgot to spray them with a preserver so they would not shed. They shed and were a mess. The faux ones are so great! Thanks.

  4. I think this room is gorgeous, no matter what you do with it. Changing everything around definitely helps with the moods of being locked in. We are due here for some major changes this Fall. Hugs, and enjoy your green open space! Sandi

  5. Changing out the upholstered chairs for the wicker chairs made a huge difference! My favorite area in your room is the large door hanging behind the sofa! That looks amazing! I have a similar door waiting for me to do something to it! This is a great idea!

  6. I like it! It feels more airy and the simpler lines make the space look bigger.

  7. Penny, your sunporch is lovely! Yes, I was very happy to feature your post this past week at Share Your Style #314 for you. Sorry I didn't get back over in a more timely fashion... Thanks for always stopping by!

    Happy almost fall,
    Barb :)

  8. Penny,
    Which ever way you style this room, I just love it!! I always wanted a sun porch or a screened in porch but just do not have the room....It looks charming!!


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