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Thursday, August 5, 2021

The Grass is Always Greener

I don't know if the grass is always greener on the other side .....but I do know that NEW grass definately is.

As you can see in the spring picture this area of the yard was in bad need of some TLC.    We decided to tear everything out and start from scratch.    It was still early spring and the nurserys weren't carrying sod yet so we thought we would just give grass seed a try.   I am so glad we did......I think it looks beautiful! 

It filled in seamlessly with the established it! 

   Aren't the hanging baskets on each side of the studio doors gorgeous?

Our hanging baskets have outdone theirself this summer.    The ferns are huge in the front yard,   the Swedish Ivy hung by the back porch is begining to blossom......and the Wandering Jew hanging in front of the studio is just flourishing 

This is how the area looked after we took all the metal bed parts out.     

 We have had the fountain you see in the photo many many years.    Sadly this year a big crack in the bottom bowl began to get bigger and bigger..... 

It kept cracking until it finally needed to be taken down.     H used his handy sledge hammer to break it into smaller pieces so it would be easier to remove from the yard.

Now we will go ahead and seed the area where the fountain used to sit.    For now,   I have a bench and table in it's place...... 

I sat a sea shell mirror in the seat of my bench to refect the Sanctuary ......

Here's the Swedish Ivy hanging baskets I mentioned earlier that hang on each side of the back porch....well,  one of them anyway.

Thanks for stopping by,    I always enjoy your visits so much!



  1. Penny, you have a beautiful home and garden! We had 19 pines removed from our last year and thanks to sunshine, rain, and some grass seed, we have lots of grass in what used to be bare ground and pine needles. I love your hanging basket, too! Will you replace the fountain with a new one? I love fountains!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so glad I found your blog about a week ago. I love everything you do. I told my husband it was all pinks and whites, frills and flowers.

  3. Your yard looks beautiful and I think it is because of the editing! I love your chickens!

  4. The hanging baskets are amazing. Everything as usual looks beautiful Penny.

  5. Lush and must have had enough rain...looking very good for the last month of summer! hugs, from Friday Favorites...!

  6. Such a pretty space and it's so rewarding when we have before and after pictures to see the magical transformation. Thank you for sharing!

  7. You have a lovely yard! That huge tree makes an umbrella for your beautiful outdoor space!

  8. The grass looks amazing! It has taken us 3 years at this house to make our yard look better. The previous owners didn't take care of it and it was just weeds and compacted clay dirt. Now it is so much healthier looking and green.

  9. Your yard is just gorgeous Penny. you have so much space to work with and so many wonderful ideas!

  10. Lovely! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  11. Penny,
    Your grass and yard looks fantastic!!
    Our Summer has been so hot and humid and the rain just will not stop here....Crazy!!


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