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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Getting the Studio ready for a busy Fall & Winter

Fall & Winter are always so busy with holidays and family time that I like to make preparation for my decorating during August.     H helped me spend the last few days purging and organizing the studio to get ready.   

Of course I couldn't resist doing a mini makeover in the studio to freshen things up a!    I even changed the furniture arrangement this time......I usually just clean, organize and purge.    H took quite a few of my decorations & supplies to the auction to clear out some of the clutter    It will sure be easier to find what I need when I get ready to do a project. 

The studio looks quite a bit different....let's look around.....  

We moved the wicker lounge away from the window and put it in the middle of the room facing the yard.   I am already enjoying taking a break on the lounge and enjoyed the view while having some sweet tea.

In the before pic,   you can see that the flower tree was in the middle of the room.    It got moved to the back of the area and now it doesn't seem to dominate the room like it did before.

The north wall has a row of stoarge cabinets.....from left to right.....the first cabinet has all my decorating books that I thumb thru all the time for inspiration.....the lockers hold Patriotic decor,   the last cabinet holds all kinds of misc supplies.

The built in cabinets on the south side of the room have Spring decor......

and the cabinets on down the wall have Fall decor and more odds and ends.

The pink desk in the corner pulls out to make as long of a table as I need for whatever project I'm working on at the time.    It will pull out to make a really long work table,  sadly I run out of room to pull it out before I run out of!  

With all the purging we have been doing since the first of the year,    I have been able to take some of the furniture out that has been in storage     This coffee table is a lovely example.    It was a dark wood when H pulled it out....after a fresh coat of white paint it is gorgeous

I thought about sending it to the auction,   but decided to keep it.    It belonged to my Mother and when I see her again in heaven she may or may not be very happy about me painting!

For inspiration,   I am never disappointed when I thumb thru my vintage Romantic Homes manazines....  it along with Romantic Country are still my favorite magazines of all time

We have been working in the studio for the last few days and tomorro it is finally time to get some long overdo weeding and lawn care done in the back yard. 

 See you in a few days with a post sharing what we are doing in the back yard....hugs....



  1. I keep old magazines for inspiration too. I thought I was the only one. :)

  2. How was the Christmas in July party? Such a fun idea. I’ve been waiting to see the pics!

  3. It's like your own craft store only better!

  4. What a great space for working and just loafing, too. All those chairs are so inviting for a cup of tea...would love to visit with you, Penny. Hugs,Sandi from Ffavorites

  5. I was wondering about the studio when you mentioned it in your last post! So glad you shared! What a fun space!

  6. I'm in love with the oversized stacked spheres and finial item! Is there information on how to create one available someplace? I don't think I could make one nearly so darling as yours, but it might be a great project to try. Thank you! Always love your home!

    1. I bought those at Hobby Lobby this past spring.....they were quite pricey but I got them when they were marked down 90%. xo

  7. Penny,
    You know I am so envious of this wonderful space that you have....The table is lovely and I have all of the same magazines that you do!! everything looks beautiful!!


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