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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Growing a Pumpkin Patch for the First Time

I've never tried my hand at growing pumpkins before.....and I didn't this year either.     H has a pretty good green thumb so he gave it a try and I am thrilled with the results!     

All of our pumpkins are small decorative ones,   so I picked up a few bigger pumpkins at the garden center to perk up our patch a little bit.

We had this little corner of the yard that had turned into a junk yard.     H got rid of all the junk,   so he had a clean slate to work with.     I asked him if he wanted a veggie garden .....or maybe a wild flower field......and he decided to make it a pumpkin patch.

This fall we have our own pumpkin patch.....yea!!!!!

I can't wait to show you around.....

Come on in.....

Our little pumpkin are small and we have to be very careful not to step on them,   so I put a stem of faux flowers by each one of them.

Most of our pumpkins are what I call "baby boo's"

I ordered a package of pumpkin seeds from Amazon in the spring     I didn't realize my pumpkins would all be pretty small,   but I don't care.....I love them all!

I haven't picked any of them yet,    maybe they will get a little bit bigger.

One of the vines escaped from the patch.....grew down the back of the pink bench....and up the side.

I think it's headed back to the patch!

We've really enjoyed our adventure in growing pumpkins and if you have any tips for next year,   please share them with me!

Today is the first time it has really felt like fall here in Eastern New Mexico.    We are in the mid 60's with a little breeze     WELCOME FALL!



  1. Hi Penny! I'm so impressed that y'all are growing little pumpkins! Your gardens are so pretty too with your scattered around pumpkins!
    Hope your week is going well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I love it! I just discovered your blog a couple of months ago. Can you explain to me the screen type print in the background?

  3. Your pumpkin patch is adorable! Love the little runaway vine, forging her own path. Hmmm, this might be something for us to do next year.

  4. Well here we are into Fall with a full moon still out this morning here in Northern Colorado. It is really brisk here this morning. It looks like we might have gotten rain again last night as everything is wet.
    I DO LOVE your Pumpkin Patch. What a cute idea for grandkids to grow in a little garden area.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Penny, I decided I needed to send you another message this morning. Big Lots online has a picture of a green pickup with the sign Pumpkin Patch Farm on it. There are many more Pumpkin Patch Farm decoration pieces. Just thought I would share with everyone. They are really cute.

  6. I never considered growing my own baby boo pumpkins , but I will next year. Penny you always have great ideas.....

  7. The first attempt at growing pumpkins when my kids were quite young we grew a giant pumpkin that could not be lifted by humans. We planted the seed in our compost pile! So fun!

  8. Oh, Penny...have fun! OUr huge pumpkin last year...was a Fairytale pumpkin. I saved the seeds, but it crossbred with a squash and now they are big and weird...LOL. Looks like fun...we use anything to give pumpkin vines something to climb on! And they will!

  9. I love your post on growing pumpkins. I have grown them for years. If I have a spot that won't seem to grow anything elce it gets a pumpkin vine and I always hope that it give me enough for my neighbors and Grandkids to have one. Those vines do have a way of going where ever they want.

  10. Such a sweet pumpkin patch you have!!


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