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Monday, September 20, 2021

Moving a Faux Fireplace and New Seat Covers for the Dining Room Chairs

We bought this gorgeous faux fireplace in San Antonio,  Texas about 10 years ago.      At that time,   I had a different furniture arrangement in the dining room.    There was a sitting area on one end and the table was on the other end.    The table was much smaller at that time because I didn't have all the leaves in it.    Since then,   our family has grown and I have almost all of the leaves in it and it's much bigger.   In fact it will expand to seat about 12 people.

To accomodate the larger table,   I got rid of the sofa that was across from the fireplace and the chairs that were on each side of it.    So   what I've had left is a table in the center of the room and a fireplace looking out of place further down the wall.    What to do?????   Well,  H and I switched the fireplace with the cabinet that you see across from the table in the before pic.     It was a big job,  but well worth the effort.

Now,  the fireplace is positioned across from the center of the dining room table and looks much better.

We just traded places with the fireplace and the cabinet and now the fireplace looks like it 's part of the dinning area instead of down at one end of the room all by!     Now the fireplace is centered on the table and chandelier like it needed to be.

I changed the look of the fireplace  a little by hanging some fabric in the opening.  hanging a sign in the opening,   and  putting a string of battery operated lights in the non working vintage heater.

There is a cabinet on each side of the fireplace that I put fall vignettes on.......

I edited the decor inside of the cabinet on this side for a cleaner look

I did the same thing to the cabinet on the other side of the fireplace...... 

I created a new fall vignette on the top of the cabinet....

Well,   it's not really new stuff!     I stole it from the sofa table in the family room and put something different there.     Here's a link to the post with all the details of how I made my pumpkins.....

I cleaned the inside of this cabinet too but it still looks kind of cluttered!    

Imagine how this room looked with the fireplace down where the white cabinet was worth all the hard work we put into moving the faux fireplace.

This is the cabinet where I house all the family mothers wedding grandmothers Desert Rose dishes......and a set of my favorite dishes. 

And in front of the cabinet is a little round table just big enought for 2 little grandkids to sit and have some cookies and milk.     The cow is a cookie jar that is always full of yummy cookies!

Now for a look at the chairs that H recovered for us!

The fabric is some I've had on them for over 15 years and it was sure time for a change.

As you may remember me mentioning in an earlier post ...... I have been looking for some fabric to recover the chairs.    Update....I still haven't found any.      I finally just gave up the other day and covered them with a pretty chenelle bedspread that I had on hand.     I love the new look and don't intend to look far new fabric anymore! 

This is how the fireplace looked last year at Christmas.     You can see how the chandy is not centered with the fireplace but to the far left of it.

I can't wait to decorate it for Christmas this year!


  1. Oh, Penny! Your dining room is so pretty! I love your big table! Every little cabinet and your pretty milk glass. At one time I started collecting the pink glass like you have but gave up as I was having a hard time finding it! Now I know where it was - you have it! :)
    Have a great week.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. That looks wonderful centered with the table and the light.

  3. The runner on your dining table is fabulous!

  4. Wow, You and Mr H have out done yourselves moving all that heavy stuff, but it is worth all the hard work because it is gorgeous. I really do like the fireplace on the side wall. It seems to balance the room and make it feel wider and not so long. I'm excited for you to start decorating for Christmas too.
    Oh, I love your milk glass too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. The chairs you recovered are so cute. I love the idea of using the fabric from the chenille bedspread.

  6. Everything looks beautiful! What happened to the beautiful swag draperies that were in this room?


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