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Friday, September 24, 2021

Refreshing the Fall Sofa Table

I had to refresh the sofa table the other day because I relocated some of the decor that was on it to the dining room.....does anyone else ever do that?     I move stuff around all the time! 

I moved the serving tray pumpkins that I made to the dining room,   it just made sense to me that they would fit in better there.    If you would like to see how they looked in there,   click here

I am enjoying a new look....for now....who knows when it will change again!

I refreshed the existing sunflower floral design by adding pretty dahlia's 

I put a completely new vignette to the side of my floral centerpiece.....

I made a pumpkin using left over fabric from the sofa slip cover.......

I created a similar fall vignette for the other side.

I changed out some of the pillows on the sofa...... 

The black and cream pillows are new.......TJ Maxx

And the last thing I did was create a new vignette for the side table.

I'm delighted that you stopped by for a visit.....come back any time!    hugs



  1. I remember when you made those sweet pumpkins and I still love them.

  2. I remember you making them too. Love them.


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