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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Valentine Tiered Tray Designed with a Farmhouse Flair, Free Printable, & Snow

There was a "dusting" of snow here in Eastern New Mexico last night.   We don't get much moisture here so it's such a blessing when we get even a little bit of snow or rain! 

H & I decided to have a "snow day" and stay warm inside.....he is making Chicken Soup and I am finishing up a tiered tray that I started a couple of days ago and got side!

I have Farmhouse decor in the family living / dining area so of course my tiered tray has to have a Farmhouse Flair......    

I also love Cottage & Shabby Chic decor as well,    so you'll notice some of that style  incorporated into my tiered tray.

I live in Eastern New Mexico about 8 miles from the Texas border.....
so I love Longhorns too!

I'm kind of a more is better kind of gal,   so I decorated my tiered tray and most of the area around it!

As promised earlier,    I have a free printable for you guys.    Andrea is the best and you can find your Rose Hill Gardens print free if you click over to her blog with this link......

I printed my copy in a 3 X 5 since I wanted it small for my tiered tray,   but it's available in 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 and with two different backgrounds

Now let's take a look outside at the snow we were blessed with last night..... 

I took this photo about 10 this morning and it looks pretty dreary out there.....

But,  as is so common in New Mexico....the sun is out by noon and most of the snow will have melted by later this afternoon.  

I am really trying to make my decor a little more simple and not so cluttered,   so after I create a design I usually step back.....take a good look....and remove part of it


In the after photo,  you will see that I took away the windmill on the left of the tiered tray......I removed the small floral design on the right side.....and put the sign back on my bedroom dresser where I had "borrowed" it from!     

Thank you so much for stopping by....I always enjoy your visits,  so come back again real soon! 


  1. Hi Penny! Oh, I just love your tiered tray and the little cows are so cute! I didn't realize you lived in New Mexico! We lived in Roswell from 1976 - 1986 and just loved it. Roswell was not a crazy UFO town at all during that time. We've gone back a few times and it looks so sad now but we have the most wonderful memories from there. We moved to Texas from Alabama when I was thirteen and lived in west Texas - Odessa. My daddy worked in the oil fields and he would drive many times to different places in New Mexico! I'm so glad you don't decorate the Santa Fe style - when we lived there so many of my friends did, but I didn't like the Southwest look in my home! You're too much of a romantic. Now I will shut up since I've written a book!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. What an adorable tiered tray and I am loving those photos of snow!

  3. Love your Valentine 'rocks' in your tray--I was thinking where did she get pastel rocks...LOL. Cute and fun project! Hugs, Sandi can have all our Chicago snow anytime!

  4. Didn't know you got snow there!
    The cows are wonderful!

  5. I like all the little details in your tiered tray. I need to work harder on my own so thanks for the inspiration. #HomeMattersParty


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