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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Valentine's Day Romantic Master Bedroom

I love to make our master bedroom look romantic....especially around Valentines Day.

I try to keep a romantic feel to our bedroom year round,   so all I had to do was add a few extra special touches for Valentines Day.
I added one of my favorite pillows to the existing bedding.....isn't he the sweetest thing ever!

I sat his twin on the floor next to the bed.....

I didn't have to add anything to the side table next to the bed....

I try to keep my decor simple in the master bedroom....

The candles I have scattered around the bedroom give it a very romantic feel in the evening.

I have a couple of real candles that I lite on special nights,   but most of them are battery operated on a timer.

The side table on the other side of the bed also has simple decor on it.....

And of course,  another candle.....

H & I come from a long line of dairy farmers so we both love Farmhouse decor.....

I try to keep the mantle decor simple like the rest of the room.

Sometimes I get a little carried away though and over decorate the

I try to limit the decor on the mantel to a couple of larger pieces and very few small pieces.    It's all those little pieces that make my mantel look!

Here's a shot of the other side of the bedroom....and yes,   I still have my Silent Night sign hung.   I love that sign and am trying to figure out how I can use it year round without painting over the Silent Night words.   Any of you guys have an idea how to do that ?

I keep this sign somewhere in the house year round in a place that I can read it every day.

I am using a ton of green in my after Christmas decorating around the house.....can you tell I am ready for SPRING? 



  1. hi Penny! You bedroom looks so inviting.Your dog pillow is adorable as is his friend on the floor - is that a cast iron doorstop?

  2. What an enchanted room! I love the mantel decor with its reference to farming. I think my favorite piece is the pillow with the little bulldog face on it. Adorable!
    www.scribblingboomer.c om

  3. Penny,
    LOVE that sweet doggie pillow and all the pops of green especially the pillows!!!


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