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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Valentines and Chickens Decorate the Vintage Door Corner Cabinet in the Kitchen

After I packed away the Christmas decor that was in this door self unit in the kitchen,    I couldn't decide what to put in it's place.   I am so ready to decorate for Spring!    

BUT since I already have a Chicken / Valentine theme going on in the kitchen,   I figured I better continue on with!

  I hadn't put away the ceramic cakes that I had used as Christmas decor in the dining room yet,   so I thought I would see if they would work as Valentine decor before I packed them away.    I was really pleased with how they looked and plan to include them as Valentine decor again!      

I pulled out a ceramic chicken and chick centerpiece that you've seen me use many times and wondered if it would work in with my Valentine decor.      I added some chocolates to the nest and felt that gave it just the touch it needed to fit into my Valentine theme. 

Then,   I propped a Valentine ladder against the nest so the little chicks below could climb up and join the party.    A Valentine Express print and a bundle of letters complete the vignette on that shelf.

Another one of my ceramic cakes is the star of the vignette on the bottom shelf along with a couple of chocolates and a LOVE sign.    

I just realized that I didn't take any close ups of the second this pic will have to do.    It has the third ceramic cake on it.....and the Valentine Cupcake picture.    You may have already noticed that I switched the 2 pictures as I was taking my!    I still haven't decided which shelf I like each one on the best!     (just FYI they came from Hobby Lobby)

  You've seen me use this chicken garland before,   but I have added a couple of new prints to it.    

The big paper rose in the center is new........

And the paper bouquet on each end of the banner is new. 

Both prints are just a very small part of Kerryanne's January Handmade Club kit.......check it out here......

Thank you so much for stopping by......see you soon!


  1. Those ceramic cakes are amazing....and so cute, what a cheery corner, just makes you smile!

  2. Penny, I totally love what you've done here for Valentine's in your kitchen and corner cupboard!!! The rose paper cutouts are really pretty with the checked ribbon. And those cute ceramic cakes! I think I might have to pop over to Hobby Lobby... ;)' Anyway, so happy to feature your sweet post (pun intended) at this week's Share Your Style #334 for you! <3

    Happy Sunday to you,
    Barb :)

  3. Penny,
    I just adore this corner of your kitchen with the sweet treats and chickens!! What a darling combination!!


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