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Friday, February 25, 2022

My Spring Kitchen over the Years.....25+ of my Favorites

When I get ready to decorate a room for a season or holiday,    I always look back at my blog posts to see what I've done in the past.    Since I use my decor over and over,   I try to give it a fresh look each time by using it in a different room or just changing the vignette a little.

I try not to use the same decorations every year,   but I love these fabric carrots that I made a few years ago so much that they've made an appearance every year.   

In 2019 I used my fabric carrots in a centerpiece for the dining room table.....who knows where they were in 2020 or!

Since I'm sharing so many favorites,   I won't bore you guys with info under each picture.....

SO....I'll just let you take your time looking.....

The fabric eggs that I made a couple of years ago are also among my they are in a nest.....

One year they made an appearance in a vintage metal dish drainer.....

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me!    Now,   I need to figure out how I will decorate the kitchen for Spring / Easter this year!



  1. The bunnies and chicks are cute, and the flowers are lovely. I also like that rooster with the pink comb.

  2. Beautiful, as always, Penny. I love how you used the piano stools and that vintage toy stove is just precious!

  3. Wow, Penny. Your posts are always gorgeous...but these are so adorable, especially after 5" of snow here ...LOL! Smiles, Sandi

  4. Love it all! Esp the pink stove vignette!💝

  5. Visiting from Handmdade Monday. Your spring decorating is dreamy. So soft and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Good morning, I love the Spring decor!!! I love the blue eye bunny; he is so charming. Everything is so sweet and uplifting. I do like your fabric eggs, cabbages and carrots. They are old fashion and charming. I will be redecorating my work space with some of your great ideas.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. It is so hard to pick a favourite, everything is just so pretty ! <3

  8. Absolutely beautiful, always so much to sit and admire.
    I hope you enjoy your spring

  9. Penny,
    All so very charming, imaginative and pretty!! So much inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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