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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Kitchen Corner Coffee Station and Putting that "Wonderful" Lazy Susan to Work

I absolutely LOVE coffee stations! 
  They make coffee time feel so special,   so I wanted to create a nice little area to have all my coffee things nicely kept together.     I turned this kitchen corner into a Coffee Station back in October and we have enjoyed it so much.

Since Some Bunny needs coffee every morning...... 

I keep our coffee corner decorated for the seasons and holidays to make it a wonderful place to start each day.

  Now I want to share the newest twist to my Coffee Station.    I found a way to combine something I love  (COFFEE) with something I have always despised....the Lazy Susan.    You know,  the one that takes up an entire cupboard.....empty spaces in the corners that are unusable.....are hard to spin.....the list goes on and on      I debated on removing it,  but had no idea what to put in it's place.     If you have any ideas please please share them with me!   

Now I have somewhere to store all my extra coffee supplies and I also have room for all those big boxes of cereal on the back side of the lazy susan.

I think I would like my lazy susan EVEN better if it had a fresh coat of white paint....don't you?

By moving all the coffee supplies to the lazy susan,   I gained valuable space that I needed for seasonal and holiday!

The kitchen has taken on a Spring / Easter feel over the last few days..... 

I've decorated the stove......

and added spring towels to the ovens.

I 've been busy decorating the rest of the counters and can't wait to give you a tour of my spring kitchen in an upcoming post


  1. What a lovely and welcoming coffee area. Your lazy susan would certainly be nice with a lick of paint but it doesn't strike me as a big issue when you can close those lovely doors and no one can see anyway! Put it on the list of jobs for "one day" :-D

  2. Nice coffee station. Your kitchen looks so cosy.
    I'd stop in for a coffee if we were closer.
    Happy Spring.

  3. Hi,
    I've had a lazy susan installed in my corner cabinet to be able to easily access items in that cabinet. I was able to put everything on the turntables that were previously on the shelves, and now I don't have to move everything to reach things that were previously in the back. Don't take out your turntable!!! You'll be sorry. You may already know this, but they have triangular plastic bins made specifically for use on turntables to corral items like your coffee creamers.

  4. Your coffee station is the cutest that I have ever seen!

  5. We don't have lazy Susan's in our corner cabinets since my husband built them. I grew up with them though and found them to be a pain. We use our large corner cabinets to hold large pots and kitchen appliances we only use on occasion. I like what you've done with yours though; that whole corner of the kitchen is very inviting.

  6. Good morning, Love the coffee corner even though I don't drink coffee. I love the cups. I always love to drink out something attractive and different. Your bunnies sure caught my eye.
    There are lazy Susans that pull out and come in all shapes. I get a catalog with all kinds of storage saving ideas. Just Google pull out storage.
    Love the cute things you display in your kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    PS Since this is International Women's Day I would like to share the importance of Women taking Care of their bodies by having mammograms and other tests. I have several friends who have been diagnosed with different types of cancer. Who would have thought I would have so many friends diagnosed at the same time and none live close to each other, not same state. Women can solve any problem because we think outside the box. God Bless Each of You.

  7. Lovely coffee station. I also love the french country look of your vignettes. Thanks for sharing at #omhgww. See you next week. Pinned & tweeted if buttons are available.

  8. Pretty coffee nook! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  9. You've created a lovely space to enjoy the ritual of coffee making. Enjoy it! :)

  10. Penny,
    I just adore your sweet coffee area!! I love that you moved your coffee supplies onto the lazy susan..I wish I had a larger area for my little beverage bar but it is what it is....Thanks for sharing!!


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