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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Garden Ladders, Tiered Enamel Pan Planters, Tote Container Gardening, and More

Ladders used to be one of my favorite ways to add whimsy to our yard.     After using them for years in the yard,   I eventually got tired of them and sent them to the "Junk Yard" behind the Studio.    H & I have been working hard to get the Junk Yard under control and I've had to make some hard decisions to either bring things out of retirement,   send them to the auction,   & some of them just need to go to the trash!

H & I planted a Pumpkin Patch in this little side yard last year but wanted something different this summer.    We love to make "destination" area's in little out of the way spots on our property and decided that is what we would do with this spot.   
 This area is really protected from the wind and will make a perfect retreat on windy days.    The area has shady spots available all thru the day to sit in and just relax and enjoy being outside without the wind blowing us away!

This area is protected by the shed from wind coming from the south and the shed also produces shade in the early afternoon.   I started decorating this area by layering ladders that we drug out from the Junk Yard.

We kept the big orange metal ladder since H uses it frequently,   but he pulled out the wooden ladders you can see behind it.   There was a white one and one that was natural wood.

I tucked the white ladder under the natural wood one and leaned them up against the shed.     There were several enamel pans in the Junk Yard and we dug out all the white ones to make tiered planters out of.   Look closely at what my tiered planter is setting on and see if you know what it is......

It's an antique metal hospital tray that slides over the bed for you to eat!     At first it landed in the pile of stuff headed to the auction,    then it popped into my head to keep it and  set a planter on it!

Would you have kept it....or sent it to the!

There were also several enamel pots in the junk yard that I plan to use in the garden this year.

I had a couple of metal step stools that I added to my Ladder Vignette.    I put one on each side of my layered ladders.      Next to the step stool on the right side is a metal candle holder that H screwed a
 rusty Farm Truck license plate to the top of it.   

 I have a close up of the standing heart candle holder and license plate in the photo below.....

I used more of my enamel pans to make another tiered planter.   I used oval pans for the tiered planter on the other side of the ladders and for this one I used round ones.    The top tier is a a floral container that I filled with snow ball stems that I clipped from the big bush in the back yard.    It is just beautiful and is loaded with blooms......

Isn't this the cutest pig you've ever seen?    Found her at Tractor Supply recently.    This is probably not her forever home,   but I plan to enjoy her for a while here

H is trying his hand a container gardening this spring using plastic totes......

I'll keep you guys updated as to how it works out for him!

What's our next project?    Well,   H is going to give all these pieces a fresh coat of white paint and I'm going to try to figure out how to transform it into a comfy chaise lounge for us to relax on in our new "destination" area.

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. Great yard. I really like how you styled the ladders. I have a few wash tubs I'm not currently displaying. I like how you stacked yours. Thank you for so many tips for the patio.

  2. very nice... Love the pig with his sunny boots! Have a good week, Penny!

  3. Penny,
    Love how you styles the ladders...I wish i had a bigger yard so I could do this!!!


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