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Sunday, May 1, 2022

One Month Later......It's Amazing How things have changed

H & I were relaxing on the back porch today and I couldn't help but notice how much the yard and porch has changed in  just a month!      

Just when you think that Spring will never get arrives and the yard changes so quickly!

It was just a month ago that I shared my Spring / Easter porch.      Here's a link to that post if you would like to see how it looked then.......

The bunnies that I had on the mantel hopped back into their totes until next Easter.    I  found these sweet metal cows at Tractor Supply recently and planned to find a home for them in the yard.     I can see the fireplace mantel from my recliner in the family room so I put them there instead.   

Now I can enjoy my little calves from the comfort of my recliner or when I am sitting on the back porch!

The snow ball bush in our back yard is in full bloom,   so I have have put bouquets of them in almost every room in the house and even some outside!

We have enjoyed many a meal sitting at this table.    My parents bought it back in the 60' many memories......

The white wicker settee's that are on each side of the faux fireplace are in the shade during the morning so we sit the afternoon,   we move across the porch and sit in the chairs that are in the shade then.    

We completely cleaned out everything in the attic in the Studio recently  (we are getting too old to climb up in there   We found a lot of treasures that I had put up there years ago....and also a lot of stuff that went to the auction or trash      I've had this gorgeous water fountain longer than I care to remember and it found a home in the attic years ago when the pump quit working.    I may buy a new pump for it but for now I am just enjoying it on the table next to the chair I usually sit in.

So,   lots of changes on the back porch over the last for a look at some of the changes in the yard 

We have ivy growing on the fence behind the back porch.....nothing to see there on March 29th!

Look at all the ivy that has covered the fence now!

On March 29th the tree's were still bare and the grass was a pale green......

Now look at all the leaves and green grass.

We enjoyed basking in the sun all day......

Then it was time for a Romantic dinner on the porch.

And after dinner,    we will move out to the Rose Cottage for a night cap.    


If you would like a tour of the inside of our Rose's a link to that post......

Thank you so much for coming by......hugs


  1. Everything looks charming, colorful, and inviting. It really does make a difference when the green leaves and blooming flowers come out in the spring.

  2. Penny,
    I have always loved this porch and it looks so inviting and welcoming!! It seems like the leaves appeared on the trees in less than 2-3 days here!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!


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