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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Classy Cow Decor in the Bathroom

We've finished the planting,  pruning and cleaning portion of what we needed to get done in the yard,   so I've had a little free time to play around in the house.     
Several weeks ago,    I fell in love with some pictures of cows showering in a bathtub that I felt would look great in the hall bathroom.     

It's pretty hard to make a cow look classy while taking a shower in a bathtub,   but I think Debi Coules does a fantastic job of it!

I've always had a love of roses and I think the rose petals look so sweet spraying out of the shower head.     

H made me a simple natural wood Farmhouse shelf to put under the wall decor.

On the top shelf,   I have a metal bathtub with a shower head filled with greenery.

On each side of the metal bathtub.    I have decorative Farmhouse soap......

I finished off the bathroom counter with Goat figurines and some Goat Milk lotion. 

On the other side of the counter is a short wall that separates the toilet area from the rest of the bathroom.

I've had this wall art  hung in every room in the house,   but I think this is the first time I've used it in the bathroom.     I love to read it as often as I can and think I've already read it more in here than any other room I've had it in!

In the before pic,   you can see I already had some Debi Coule prints that are similar to the ones I just bought.   You will see them again in an upcoming post where I use them in a vignette on another wall in the bathroom.     The artwork in the before pic was a Christmas gift from my Granddaughter a few years ago,   so I will be using it again for sure!   I hardly ever get rid of any of my artwork,   I just put it away for a while and when I get it back out feels like it's brand new.

I've used these lamps for several years and haven't seen any that I like better,   so they will still be around for a while longer.     The towels are some I've had for a while,   but I still love them so they're staying too.     In fact the only new thing new in the after pic are the 2 new pictures 

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  1. Love your goats! And the showering cows are so cute!

  2. Those cows in the shower pictures are so cute!

  3. Those pictures just made me smile. I would have definitely gotten those too for that reason along. Thanks for sharing and I have included your post as a feature this week. #HomeMattersParty

  4. I love your bathroom update. So pretty! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife


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