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Monday, May 9, 2022

Vintage School Desks are a Decorators Dream

For years now,   H has been keeping an eye out for an old school desk that had just the right amount of charm,  was in pretty good condition,  and of course at a price that he could be excited!      He found 'THE ONE"  over the week end at a yard sale.   I was jumping for joy when he found it since old school desks are a decorator's dream 

There are so many cute ways to repurpose a vintage school desk    
But I plan to use it as it was originally to be a desk for small very own grand children!   I have one going into kindergarten next year and one headed to pre school.....and 3 more that aren't too far behind them. 

I thought it would be so neat for them to have a place in the sun room to sit and color,   or read,   or have a snack.  

H will keep an eye out for a second desk,  but for now I will go another route.    I added a chair under the back part of it and then added a TV tray to the seating in the front part.    The TV tray can also be folded up and tucked to the side of the seat when not in use.  The second picture in my post shows how it looks that way.    I can't wait to see 2 of the grands sitting side by side on the bench reading or better yet....singing!

I bought the chair and TV tray years ago at garage sales,    They each came from different sales but don't you think they look like they could have been painted by the same artist?

I couldn't help but try out H's new Vintage school desk ....and no,   I'm not too big!    They made stuff really sturdy back in the day!   
 I had my Mothers diary out over this past Mother's Day week end and thought you might like a peek at it.    She wrote in her diary when she was in her teens......

Mother loved to write and filled in every page of her diary.   She was boy crazy then and most of her writing was along that line....or going skating....or to the movies.   Her diary is one of my most valued possessions.  

H collects old typewriters and this small one is my favorite.    I have it out for the pictures,   but it will be safely put away when the grands come to visit.     

 The desk top has a place for pencils and also a round piece cut out of it for an inkwell.

I just happen to have a small glass vase that fit perfect in the inkwell hole.     The snowball bush in the back yard  is still in bloom,  so I clipped a few small blooms to put in my vase.

I love to print little paper signs to scatter around in my decor......

Make today ridiculously amazing....

I always enjoy your visits so much,   you are always welcome here!   hugs


  1. You always seem to enjoy the little touches. I do not often comment but always read and enjoy the photographs.

  2. What a lovely old desk! Ours certainly never looked like that.

  3. The picture is lovely and stunning. I would like to create such a relaxing nook inn my home.

  4. What a wonderful desk, and I love how it all looks together. The chair and the tv tray do definitely look like they were painted by the same person! I wish I could find one of those old desks. Now you have started me on a search! Thanks for sharing at the TFT party.

  5. Penny,
    That is such a charming desk!! Love it!! My neighbor Elly had a school desk and I did not take it as I could not think of where I would use it and now I can kick myself!!!

  6. What a fabulous yard sale find Penny. The patina on the desk top is so lovely.
    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous vintage school desk at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I'm delighted to be featuring it at tonight's party and pinning too.


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