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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Patriotic Decor in Pastels, Roses from my Garden, & More

I do traditional colors for Memorial Day in the front yard,  but in our home I like to use colors that are a better fit with my decor.     

I don't go overboard with Patriotic decor in our home,   but I do try to at least decorate the fireplace in the family room.     I took down the Mother's Day pieces that were in my existing garland & put Patriotic ones in their place.....easy peasey!

Then I moved over to the side table and removed the Welcome May print and replaced it with a Patriotic one.

Another quick change that takes only a matter of minutes to do

I did the same thing on the mantel.    

This time of year I like to spend more time working in the yard rather than working in the house.    So,   long story short,    it took me less than 30 minutes to update the fireplace from Welcome May and Mother's Day to Memorial Day.

Speaking of Mother's Day .....the sweet vases filled with roses and babies breath that are on each side table  are flowers that were left over from a big bouquet that my Grand daughter gave me for Mother's Day.     As some of the flowers died,   I was finally left with what you see in the was such a big beautiful bouquet a week ago and I'm still enjoying every last flower.

The roses that are on the coffee table came from my garden in the back yard.     The rose bushes are  loaded with blooms and buds.

This is my biggest rose garden,  but I have other bushes scattered around the yard.

Here's a couple of close ups of some of the roses in my garden.....

The red roses will be perfect for a bouquet on the front porch as we entertain for the Memorial holiday's......


Words can't describe how wonderful the family room smells me does!    hugs..... 

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