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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Summer Lit Cabinet Featuring the Picking Garden


School is out & Memorial Day has come and gone so it must be time to say Hello to summer.....right?

I used a flower theme in the lit cabinet for spring,   so I decided to continue on with it for summer.    I removed the decor that was specific to spring and added summer decor to what was left 

I keep a file cabinet in the garage that has folders full of paper prints that I use over and over again.  

I've used the Picking Garden prints one other time.....  

The last time you saw the Picking Garden prints was in my summer kitchen tour last year.     Here is a link to that post if you would like to see how I used it in a different way last time......  

They are making their second appearance in the family dining room lit Cabinet.....

Welcome to the Summer Picking Garden! 

The Picking Garden prints came from Kerryanne's Handmade club on her blog,,,,,Shabby Art Boutique.   Her blog is still open,  but she has recently closed the club.    Good news though,   she does have an Etsy Shop!   She has the Picking Garden digital kit available there for $6.50..... 


In keeping with my flower theme in the cabinet,  I used some other flower related prints.   I couldn't resist pairing a Dandelion Cafe print with my Dandelion floral design.

I had a couple of trucks in the spring cabinet,   and I added two more to the summer one! can't have too many trucks can you! 
Is anyone else ready for summer?

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please stop by again soon.....hugs 


  1. Oh, I love your lit cabinet, So Pretty! Thank you for sharing. Blessings.
    Visiting today from Imparting Grace #24

  2. Your summery cabinet is so lovely with all the flowers and the elements from Kerryanne's club! I'm excited to be featuring you at Tuesday Turn About tomorrow! Pinned!


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