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Friday, June 3, 2022

Creating Curb Appeal in the Dry Climate of New Mexico

When you live in Eastern New Mexico & get less than 15 inches of rain per year,   it's very challenging to create curb appeal in such a dry area.     In our backyard we have an inground sprinkler system that makes us able to create "rain" whenever the grass and flower beds need it.....about 3 times a week.    The front yard doesn't have a sprinkler system so we have had to create landscaping that doesn't require rain to survive  

Our front yard is pretty big and it's hard to give it much curb appeal without any grass or flower beds     The majority of our front yard is filled with gravel,   concrete,  and rock

The use of yard art and drought resistant tree's and bushes have enabled me to create some curb appeal in the middle of all the concrete and gravel that I have to work around  

I think the blooms on this drought resistant bush have a tropical look...don't you?

There are a few bushes that require hand watering....and some potted plants....but I also use artificial plants to bring color to the yard

We have a hedge of junipers around the property to add some much needed green to our curb appeal.

This is the cutest windmill.....the chickens peck when the wind

I have plans to give the buggy's umbrella a makeover and add a colorful pillow to the buggy's seat.    How do I keep the pillow from blowing down the will be tied to the back of the seat

I also plan to add some colorful flowers to the back of the buggy.    I'll share some photo's with you guys when I'm finished

I always enjoy your visits so much....please come back soon....hugs


  1. Your front yard is very pretty. You have so much property so it's good you don't have to water it and have zero scaping instead. The flowering tree is beautiful and I love the vintage buggy!

  2. The flowing tree has beautiful blooms and looks like you are making plans for the back of the buggy. Can't wait to see what you do there.

  3. What a lovely property you have, Penny!! We have those same thin-leaved trees here in Texas. Do you think they are a type of tulip tree or maybe an oleander?? They are blooming here in May/June, too. Soooo pretty!!! I like your ideas for the buggy bed and it'd be fun to see the chickens pecking when the wind blows.

    Happy Sunday,
    Barb :)

  4. It's a challenge to maintain a pretty garden in a dry climate. I'm in Texas so I can relate. You do a great job of creating pretty focal points. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  5. Penny, I love your curb appeal. So pretty. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.
    Visiting today from Friendship Friday #68


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