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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Celebrating the 4th of July in the Back Yard


The weather in my neck of the woods is gorgeous!   
 It's partly cloudy with an 8mph light breeze and we are expecting a high today of only 83 degree's .....AND remember the humidity is always low here in Eastern New Mexico since we get very little rain.

We are looking forward to having lots of family time over the long 4th of July week end. 
There are several grassy area's in the back yard for our adult kids and the grands to play in.....

There are lots of tree's in the back yard so it's easy to find shade somewhere anytime of the day.

Today I enjoyed decorating the big concrete slab in the middle of the Studio and Prayer Room 

The Prayer Room is so pretty in the evening with the cross all lit up.....

The grands will pull out the wagons that you see under the flag hung on the clothes line.     They will have a big time pulling each other around 

H has put out plenty of fly traps around the yard,   so we should be able to have a bug free 4th.    I plan to have some food & drinks put out in the studio for everyone to enjoy without having to fight the flies

H has brought out the red firetruck that he keeps on display in his tool shed for the kids to take turns peddling around  the concreted area .    ( see it back by the grey Tuff Shed)

There are also a couple of trikes over by the side of the studio so their are plenty of "rides" for the 5 little grands!

Have a wonderful & Safe 4th this year.....hugs



  1. Your backyard looks so inviting! I'm so jelly (jealous) ! Have a fun Fourth with your family ! :)


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