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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Patriotic 4th of July Front Yard

    As the holiday is drawing nearer,   I have noticed bits of Red White & Blue popping up around our neighborhood.    So,    I thought I'd better join our neighbors and  put some 4th of July decor in the front yard 

I started my decorating in the area closest to the highway by adding some Patriotic decor to our buggy.   H and I brought our buggy back from Pennsylvania on a trip we were making from New Mexico to visit relatives in New York.     

Then,   I continued my decorating to the area in front of the porch.....

I put pillows on the gliders that I keep there year round.   I do have some new furniture next to the gliders though....little benches for our grands to sit on in the front yard     H found the frames to the two little benches out in the junk pile behind the studio.   H bought new wood and put them back together....good as new!    

I filled 2 vintage ice cream freezers with flowers and flags and put them in front of the entrance to the front porch 

Next on my list was to decorate the barn where our metal cow hangs out.    BTY....the trailer that has been retired now was the one we brought the buggy home in from Pennsylvania several years ago.

And of course,   Buttercup is wearing her Patriotic colors for the 4th of July
                                          This is how our yard looks from the street......

I think H & I will get out for a drive around the neighborhood this afternoon and see how pretty all the homes in our area are decorated for the 4th     Maybe I'll even snap a few photo's to share with you guys!



  1. Looks so festive for 4th of July Penny! Great job! Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend.
    Decorative Inspirations

  2. Penny, your yard looks fantastic! I love it Thank you for sharing I truly appreciated your post. Blessings.
    Visiting today from FF#7&22

  3. aww.. everything looks so nice! Love the wagon and LOVE the cow's scarf! Very cute.. very patriotic! Happy 4th to you.. Penny and Hubby!

  4. Penny, its always fun to see how you add holiday decor. Great job! Hope you enjoyed a festive Fourth! Love Buttercup! Happy July!


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