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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

How Our Yard is Holding up under the Summer Heat

It's been pretty hot here in Eastern New Mexico and we've had very little rain this summer.   We have an inground sprinkler system in the back yard but I tell ya,   it's not cheap to pay for water!    We only run it when we absolutely HAVE

The phlox have been blooming for a few weeks,  but now they are beginning to slow down.         Probably because of the heat 

As you can see,   we have a few dry spots in the grass.   The biggest one is in front of the Rose Cottage....the sprinklers are  blocked a little by the phlox.    H is hand watering the dry area's almost daily but it isn't helping a lot because of the heat.

We have lots of tree's in the back yard and they are doing a pretty good job of keeping everything under them pretty green.

The hanging fern baskets have to be watered daily.    

Here's a close up of my new Bumble Bee wind chime.    Tractor Supply had this discounted over the week end and I couldn't resist picking this pretty yellow one for the back yard.

With the windows & doors open in the Rose Cottage we are still able to enjoy a glass of wine in there in the late afternoon.   We also have a couple of fans in there that can be turned on if needed.

I plan to share the inside of the Rose Cottage in an upcoming post.

In our area,   it cools down enough in the evening that we can enjoy sitting in the yard

You can see the back porch from the Rose Cottage.....

If you missed my post sharing all the details about the back porch.....

I'm thrilled that you came by for a visit.....

Hope to see you back soon.....hugs



  1. Penny, the heat this year is almost unbearable... Your backyard is doing amazingly well for the relentlessness of it! :) And if I could get phlox to grow here, it'd be wonderful! Thank you for sharing yours, which is why I put up that photograph with their beautiful pinkness for this week's feature in Share Your Style #354 this week. It is just a lovely ethereal flower...

    Hope your grass is hanging in there and ask Mr. H to deep soak your trees, if need be. Thankfully, our oaks have super deep roots! I can't share the yard because there is so much crispy-ness to so many leaves. Not sure what is even still alive but I'm still watering and bending little branches, checking for signs of life. Hopefully most everything will make it and rebound in the fall. <3

    Enjoy your beautiful cottage,
    Many hugs,
    Barb :)

  2. Hi Penny! Not sure if my comment went through so I'll write again... I was happy to share your beautiful yard this week at Share Your Style #354 for you. <3 I chose the pink phlox photo as they are just so beautiful!! Obviously, they can take the heat as long as they have enough water. My poor plants, you'd think I'm not watering when it's the opposite. The southern heat is just relentless this year... Hoping most of my plants will rebound in the fall! Can't share any photos since there's just so much crispy-ness out in the garden. The roses are happy with the heat, though, so that's a plus!

    Enjoy your beautiful little cottage... I was looking at the Victorian-style doors and thinking how lovely they were as a replacement for what might have been there before. Well done!

    Love and hugs,
    Barb :)


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