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Monday, July 25, 2022

Issues with our Water Fountain, White Enamel Planters, and More

The water fountain in the front yard hasn't worked all this year and I've really missed it.     

 When H plugged it in back in the spring the pump wouldn't turn on so he figured it needed a new one  But since it's concrete and weighs a ton,   taking it apart to put a new one in is not an easy job so fixing the fountain has been at the bottom of our To Do list

Our grandson was able to come by the other day and help H with the "heavy lifting"      The pump was totally covered over in decomposing leaves and after a good cleaning our water fountain is operational again.   Glad we didn't have to buy a new pump!


The sound of flowing water is so relaxing......

I could sit and listen to our fountain all day long.....

BUT,  I can't!    I have planters to get in place

I had been looking but couldn't find  a planter to match the one I found earlier this year at Tractor Supply.    I was in TS the other day and they had not only 1 but 2 so I picked up both of them.     It's too late in the season to plant a bed of flowers in them,   so I dug a hole in the center of the dirt that is big enough to set a fern basket in.   

 I can replace the fern baskets with baskets of mums in just a few weeks.....

I like the clean look of the white planters better than the vintage ice cream  freezers I had on each side of the walkway before

School and the County Fair start here in Eastern New Mexico in about 3 weeks .....where has the summer gone?     Fall can't be far behind!

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