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Monday, August 15, 2022

Apple Orchard & Back to School Vignettes in the Sunroom

I am working my way around the sunroom sprinkling  generous amounts of Pre Fall decor as I go.   

I created a couple of different vignettes on the Water Trough buffet  and I still haven't decided which one I like the best.     

I'm calling the first one.....Back to School.    In this vignette,   I was able to incorporate a tabletop school desk in my design.

I'm calling the second vignette......Apple Orchard

The star of my Apple Orchard vignette is an apple delivery truck that I have placed in the center of the vignette    

I also tried the delivery truck on the end of the buffet and decided that I liked it better in the center.   But I could easily change my

Let's take another look at the Back to School design.....

And a second look at the Apple Orchard design......


As I was playing with my Pre Fall decor on the buffet,   I reaized that I no longer wanted the big black shutter hung over the buffet anymore....

I like the look of the wall much better now with the shutter taken down. 
I love both you prefer one over the other?




  1. I love the old school desk: it lends itself to vignettes and fits in your decor perfectly!

  2. Adorable! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!


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