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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Easing From Summer into Pre Fall Decor

Now that we are about halfway thru August,   I'm all about transitioning my home decor from Summer  to Pre Pre Fall even a word!    Maybe it's just a made up word to make me feel better about having the itch to switch up my decor already

 Whether Pre Fall is actually a word or not,  all I know is that I'm ready to make some subtle fall changes to the sunroom.

Rather than jumping on the "all things fall" bandwagon,   I might just try to ease into fall a little bit at a time.

 The first thing I plan to do is select a Pre Fall palette that is consistant with the rest of the room.....and in this case it's  the sunroom    Keeping my fall palette consistant with the rest of the room will create a pulled together look in the sunroom  for fall.    The inspiration for the fall color palette was drawn from the rug and the sofa....both have yellow and pink / dark pink colors in them 

In our area it's too early to find live mum plants at the garden center,  but I was able to find some pretty realistic looking faux ones at Hobby Lobby.   

      I keep roses out all year in the sunroom,   so I was excited to be able to find a Rose Orchard  and Bartlett Pear print to put on the metal tub that I used as the container for my faux mums
I have a basket of pears on the right side of the wicker settee and  I added a metal pig in rain boots to the vignette just to add a little whimsey to the sunroom        
 There's a black chicken wire bowl filled with pretty pears on the left side of the wicker settee  

As the final touch to my Pre Fall sunroom decor,   I laid a vintage yellow and white quilt on the settee and pinned a vintage Fair award ribbon to it.

To make the transition easy,   I have divided the sunroom into area's that I work on as I have time.    Since the Pre Fall decor is subtle and the color palette is consistant in the sunroom,   You can barely tell which area's are finished and which need to still make the transition.    I will share a tour of the whole room when I am finished
While I am working on my Pre Fall decor in the sunroom,   one of my kitties is napping on the back porch..... 

 And the yellow and cream one is taking a bath!



  1. "pre-fall" is Definitely a word!!! Love the faux mums, I found some 2 years ago and bought more last year. The squirrels literally destroyed most of my real ones last year. Love the quilt and first place ribbon. So fun!!

  2. Penny, your faux mums look very realistic! Thanks for sharing your seasonal decor at Vintage Charm!


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