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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Finding the Perfect Fall Pumpkins


I am ready to start my hunt for the perfect pumpkins and can't wait to make my first trip to the Pumpkin Patch.    I say first trip because it takes me a while to find exactly what I am looking for.
 Lots of pumpkins will be auditioning for a spot in my fall decor but only a few will make the

I'm not drawn to the perfect and ordinary pumpkins.....I like them to be unique 

I usually pick up a few orange pumpkins to give pops of color around the yard,   but I like to use the pastel colored ones inside the house.

I don't pick the pumpkins with smooth skin,   I like the ones that have scars on them to reflect the journey they have been on.

I also prefer the pumpkins that have an unusual color.....

As you can see,   they have to be a special pumpkin to be selected to come home with I spend lots of time in the patch 


As a rule,   I don't pick pumpkins that don't have big pretty stems     This one caught my eye because the stem had hung on for dear life even though it had obviously been dropped on it several times      I like all the character it had developed from a rough life.... 

I picked these two pumpkins one year because of their unique stems.....

This variety of pumpkins are my favorite to use in the house.    The soft colors go so well with my decor......

Here is how I mix in the orange pumpkins with the softer colored ones to add pops of color to the yard. 

H and I planted a pumpkin patch in the back yard one was a lot of work....with very few pumpkins to harvest.

So we haven't planted a pumpkin patch again....maybe someday

H picks out the gourds and I pick out the pumpins.    Between the two of us,   we get a good mix for my fall vignettes 

The Pumpkin Patches in our area will start opening in a few weeks and I plan to go early to get the best selection.....


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  1. You have picked such a variety of pumpkins. I've never considered getting the bumpy ones, but they look great! I'll have to try some this year. Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators & Happiness is Homemade!


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