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Monday, August 8, 2022

Late Summer Budget Friendly Decorating Idea's for the Kitchen

August seems to be the trickiest time of year for me to decide how to decorate our home.

 Although it's technically still summer,   I've grown tired of my summer decor by now and I'm getting anxious to decorate for fall 

I decided to take cues from nature and decorate for August with sunflowers....  along with some recent budget friendly purchases from the 75% aisle at Hobby Lobby.   The pig mats were 50 cents each and the pretty blue ruffled tablerunner was only  $5.   Although both were from their Spring line,   I think I can use them year round   

When I'm at my wits end trying to come up with ideas for  late summer designs,   I return to what I call my "go to" decor    

 I've found that using old calendar prints are an easy and quick way to give a room a budget friendly update.

This calendar print of a farmhouse truck caught my eye.....and I decided to pair it with my new set of  white washed cutting boards from the 75% aisle at Hobby Lobby.    I thought they were a steal at $20 for 3 boards and a holder.....

Does my truck filled with pumpkins count as late summer decor?   I don't care....I like it and that's all that matters!

The next calendar print that I chose to use was of a sweet Rooster..... 

I loved the caption on this print......The Happy Rooster Farmhouse Inn....made me smile!


And the last section of kitchen counter has my favorite calendar print of the bunch.....

It's no secret to anyone that follows my blog that I am partial to cows so I chose the Sweet Clover Creamery as my last calendar print.

 You may have noticed that I included cutting boards in all of the vignettes and the last one is no exception.    The 2 little cutting boards on legs came from......of course....the 75% aisle at Hobby Lobby.
As I mentioned earlier,   I took a cue from nature to decorate in August so I scattered several "pops" of yellow sunflowers around the kichen.

Maybe you were able to get some August budget friendly decorating inspiration from my kitchen.....OR at least enough to get you by until you get ready to decorate for fall.    hugs!

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  1. Your kitchen is perfectly late summer! I couldn't help myself & started using some early fall decor with a new color scheme of pinkish purples, mint & other greens, and mustard, taken from a small fall table runner from Target. I love how you're bringing a little fall in to celebrate the transition! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife


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