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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Pumpkin Stem Mushrooms & a Fall Enchanted Forrest


Does anyone else save their dried pumpkin stems?   I use them as stems for my fabric pumpkins and I have also used them as stems for my fabric mushroom caps.  

I have frequently been asked to do a tutorial sharing how I made my pumpkin stem mushrooms and hopefully some day I will .....but until then I will share plenty of close ups for you to look at. 


I made a wood slice cake several years ago and topped it with some of my mushrooms.    I have since taken my cake apart an used the slices and mushrooms in other ways....who knows....maybe it will make a comeback in my fall decorating this season

Funny story about my biggest pumpkins stem shown here.......
I was at a local pumpkin patch one year and noticed that it had come off of a big pumpkin and fallen on the ground.    I asked the sales guy if I could buy the stem and he looked at me like I was crazy.    I would have gladly paid him for it but he was so sweet and gave it to me.

The caps were super simple to make......I cut a circle of fabric and a circle of card stock.....I put a dab of pillow filling on the card stock....laid the fabric on top of that.....then gathered the fabric around all of it.    Glued it to the stem....and it's finished!

Now I want to share how I used mushrooms in the Fall Enchanted Forrest vignette I created in the entry a couple of years ago.

All of the paper graphics that I used in my Enchanted Forrest were designed by the very talented Kerryanne at Shabby Art Boutique.    Visit her Etsy will love it!

Here is how I created a Fall Enchanted Forrest outdoors on the front porch mantel..... 

I seem to always pick out the, pumpkins in the patch to bring home with 

Have you started your fall decorating yet?    I haven't....but I am definately in the planning stages!



  1. Your pumpkin stem mushrooms are darling! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

  2. I love the wood sliced cake! So clever!

  3. I love mushrooms and this is totally adorable! I love it. Pinning. XO- MaryJo

  4. Loved your mushrooms; the different kinds of materials you could use and colors....Gets my imagination going! Now to score some stems!

  5. So very cute Penny. The pumpkin stemmed mushrooms are so creative. I am happy to feature these cuties at Love Your Creativity.


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