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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Brass adds Warmth to my Bright White Kitchen for Fall

I've had a white kitchen for over 15 years and never grown tired of it....probably never will!    Actually... I've had a white kitchen more like 25  years because the home we had before this one also had a bright white kitchen.

I wanted to add some fall warmth to our kitchen and the easiest quickest way I know of is to add a few pieces of brass to the existing fall decor.     

Then,    I just went around the kitchen counters adding pops of brass to the exisiting fall vignettes.

I started by placing a brass tea pot on the stove top next to the chrome one that was already there      The vintage chrome teapot belonged to my mother and says Erie on the top of it.
I went on to the next vignette ......

Just a simple brass watering can was enough to warm up this vignette.

Next,   I stopped by the vignette on the other side of the stove......

I added a brass tea pot and a couple of cups there.....

little prints you see me using in the vignettes can be found FREE here,,,,You can download 6 FREE pastel fall prints here..... 

Now for a look at the last vignette......

I added a simple brass colander with a pumpkin in it to this vignette.

If you look closely in the bottom left corner of this photo you can see a brass tea pot on the floor.... 

The kitchen is almost done,    all I lack is the corner shelving unit by the refrigerator.   So I'll be back again with more pics of the kitchen.....hope you aren't tired of looking at

It's starting to be slim picking in the rose garden this time of year.    This is all that H could find for me to make a bouquet for the kitchen.


  1. Hi Penny, I can't imagine having anything but a white kitchen now myself. It's like an empty canvas all ready for what ever you want to do! Now that summer is supposed to be over---we first opened the windows yesterday for like 2 1/2 months. What a blessing, and I can look forward to bringing the light back into the windows and decorating. Love your streamlined look and of course copper is so warm and homey! Hugs, sorry not to be around this summer, Sandi

  2. Nice warm touches to your kitchen. Yes, it is time to get ready for fall. Beautiful kitchen.

  3. I love all these warm fall touches you've added to the kitchen! It looks lovely.


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