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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Fall Enchanted Forest China Cabinet and $2.50 Auction Mirror

I can't really decorate the china cabinet that is in the formal dining room for seasons or holidays because it's completely full of my Grandmothers Desert Rose dishes and my Mother's wedding dishes.,,,,,and they're not moving    


I'm decorating the dining room in a Fall Enchanted Forest theme and wanted to include the china cabinet,   so I decided to just decorate in front of it......where there's a will,   there's a way  

I created a piece of Fall Enchanted Forest art work to hang on the front of my ruffled wreath....  forest mice,   mushrooms,  and pumpkins are the stars of my design

I decorated my dress form in a Fall Enchanted Forest theme....

 I tucked little pumpkins in her dress sleeve....and pinned a garland of fall leaves down the front of her dress 

I added ferns,   mushrooms, and forest flowers to her garland

I use the drawers in the china cabinet to store some of the crocheted pieces that belonged to my mother and grandmother.    

I opened the drawers just a little bit to expose some of the crocheted pieces and tucked a trio of pumpkins into the bottom drawer 

Here is a before photo of my auction mirror     
 H had to do some repair work on the frame that was pretty visable,   so I dry brushed it with white paint to cover that up and I am pretty pleased with how my mirror turned out.     For a little different look,   I decided to stand my mirror up instead of hanging it 

I got my mirrors so cheap because of the damage to the frames......the other mirror is pretty big too and has a beautiful ornate frame.    H will work his magic on that mirror and I will find just the perfect place to hang it.

I am just finishing up the fall decor on the fireplace mantel and and can't wait to share it with you guys in an upcoming post.

                             I appreciate each and every one of you......see you back here soon 


  1. Wonderful buy---bad shape is just a bit shabby when touched up...LOL. Love how you use things!


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