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Monday, September 12, 2022

Fall Enchanted Forrest on the Buffet

Welcome to my Formal Dining Room 

I share pictures of  the dining area in the family room fairly often because I change the decor in there all the time....seasons and holidays.  for sure.    But I seldom share the formal dining room because the decor in there doesn't change very often.    
I was in the formal dining room dusting the other day and thought to myself......Self,   it's about time to give the formal dining area a fresh new look

I thought long and hard about how I could give the dining room a look that could be used year round with just a few minor changes.

I came up with the idea of using the theme Enchanted Forrest for the dining room.      I can give it a summer look.....a winter look ....and for now I have created an Autumn feel in the forrest  on the buffet.

All kinds of ideas are already running through my head for Christmas in the Enchanted Forrest 

But don't get ahead of yourself Penny.....take your time and enjoy Fall

I will probably use the mushrooms and ferns year round....but who knows when I will change my mind

Pumpkins will only appear in the forrest during  the fall,   but owls can be used year round..... although during the spring I plan to have more rabbits than owls

I almost didn't include this pic in the post because I haven't created a center piece for the table yet,   but as usual I changed my mind.    I'm flexable if nothing else

What is the difference in a Mushroom and a Toadstool

 Well,   I had to Google it and this is what I found.....a mushroom is edible and a Toadstool isn't....who knew

I have some faux berries in the studio that will be making an appearance in the dining room.     

I found this one little squirrel in the studio....there are several more but I think they are in a tote in the Christmas area....and I'm NOT digging around in there yet 

I have some gorgeous winter foxes  that I can't wait to use in my forrest at Christmas....  QUIT getting ahead of yourself PENNY

I hung my forrest banner across the front of the buffet.....I scattered close ups of the individual pieces throughout my post.

How do you like the owl nest I created on my deer's head.....

I've had my deer for several came from a yard sale.....
 $7.50....what a deal

I've had my deer stored in the studio up on top of the school lockers  and have only brought it out a few times.      I plan on keeping him / her out for quite a while in the dining room as part of the Enchanted Forrest     I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl,  but in the fall vignette there is a big pink bow around her neck so I guess it's a girl

I'm frequently asked where I store everything.....well,  most of it is stored in the studio which is the largest building in the backyar0d....about 900 sq ft.    There are also several smaller storage buildings and work shops located around the yard.

 Thank you so much for stopping by today....come back soon


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  1. What an adorable idea, an enchanted forest! Love it! Thanks for sharing on Crafty Creators!


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