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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Spooky After School Snack Board


When the grands stopped by after school the other day,    I had a big surprise waiting for them.....not their normal healthy snack but a fun SPOOKY AFTER SCHOOL SNACK BOARD      

What did I serve on their after school snack board....

Copy Cat Pay Day Candy Bar ....did you know that Peanuts and Candy Corn taste just like a Pay Day when eaten together      

Creepy sour Gummy Worms......

And popcorn sprinkled with bits of Trix cereal

My simple and easy Spooky after school snack board is just a smaller verson of the bigger Char-BOO-terie board that I create for Halloween parties. 


When not being used as a snack board,   the kids can use it as a chalk board.

H cut me a board to fit over my white enamel plant stand and covered it with paper.    The black paper I used first is just chakboard wrapping paper that I found in the party section at Hobby Lobby.    The brown paper you see in the above photo comes from a roll of craft paper that can be found at craft stores. 

What will the grands find on their snack board next time I ask them to drop by after school.   
 I can't wait to surprise them.......



  1. Penny, how sweet. I just love this. I bet the grands were surprised.
    Visiting today from Encouraging Hearts & Home #1&2

  2. How fun! I'm sure your Grands loved it! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  3. How beautiful, what a lovely treat for them.

  4. Awww, Penny, your grandkids are going to really enjoy seeing your Halloween home and eating all these fun treats!! I'm happy to have featured your post at last Wednesday's Share Your Style #364 for you. <3 I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!!

    Happy fall to you and your family! I hope your weather has cooled off, too.
    Barb :)


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