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Friday, December 2, 2022

My Collection of Nativities in the lit Cabinet

I have been collecting Nativities for years. 
  Most of them came from yard sales and were sometimes incomplete sets or even just an individual piece.    To say my Nativity sets are mix and match is an understatement!    BUT,   I love each and every piece that I have collected over the years and enjoy using them to put  together unique settings each Christmas. 

I created a Nativity a few days ago on a table next to the sofa and realized pretty quick that it was in a high traffic area and also in danger of having pieces broken when someone wanted to put a drink or something on the table.

What was I thinking????

I moved my Nativity set to the ledge on the  lit cabinet where it would be a whole lot safer

Since I was moving it to a larger area,   I chose to use a bigger Nativity set this time.    This set is darker and shows up better than the pastel one I had in it originally.    

 Remember,   my Nativity sets are mix and match so the pieces may not exactly match or be to scale with each other.

I have picked up lots of sheep over the years,   so the flocks I create for each Nativity are pretty big.

I only have one Nativity I am always on the lookout for another one or two or


Now for a look around the cabinet at some of my other Nativity sets.....

Of course I had to have a pink one.....


If the pieces I pick up are a bright color.....I just paint them pink or white....


As you can see I  have a few empty shelves in the cabinet,   so I am still in the market for more Nativity pieces.

I have several lit stars for my Nativities but no plug ins in my cabinet.   No problem,   I have a rag star that I made to use in just such a dilemma

When I have to paint a piece,    I ususally give it a generous sprinkling of glitter

Thank you so much for stopping by....come by again soon!

Merry Christmas!!!




  1. Beautiful Penny, I love all the sheep too! Happy weekend!

  2. Your cabinet is lovely! I think it's such a neat idea to paint them to match your decor and I just love seeing your collection all together like this.


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