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Thursday, December 1, 2022

What was I thinking!

I thought I had picked the perfect place to set up my favorite Nativity scene,   boy was I wrong.....what was I thinking! 

Why would I set it up on a table that is used daily!    The first night I had it there,   our daughter stopped by after work and had her Starbucks drink in hand.....and was trying to find a place for it on the table next to where she was sitting on the sofa.

She sat her drink in the little space I had left in front of the Nativity set but had to carefully reach past the Wise Men and donkies each time she wanted a sip!

I have always kept my side tables pretty much clutter free,     so why would I think Christmas would be any different.    Much better,   now there's room for a drink,  snack,  purse,  cell phone....all the things we ladies travel with  

While I was at it,   I completely rethought that whole corner. 
   I had bought a couple of thin pink Christmas tree's for the family room with literally no place under them for gifts....again....what was I thinking?    Now I have a nice area to put the Christmas presents!


So   where is the Nativity going? 
   Well.....   I cleaned out the lit cabinet in the family room and have plans to put it there....along with some of my other ever growing collection of Nativities

I also decided that I didn't like the white on white look of my Nativity set when I had it on the side,   stay tuned for a new look for it.

I don't think you guys have ever seen the lit cabinet completely reflects the whole room!    I can't wait to set up my Nativity collection in it!!!



  1. I love that whole corner with the lit trees behind it. Can't wait to see your nativity makeover.

  2. You are always so busy decorating your large spaces. Yes, we tend to forget HOW we use a room in the holidays---a good reminder...function has to be first! Grins, Sandi


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