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Monday, February 19, 2024

Depression Glass in my Spring Hoosier

What's in the Hoosier for spring?

This year I am creating spring in the Hoosier with pieces of Pink and Green depression glass that belonged to my Mother.....

I tucked in some pastel graphics here and there to add a different element to my spring Hoosier....


 The 2 large green pieces of Depression glass are cookie jars.....


    I designed a spring clip art centerpiece that I have to move to the side when we want to use the Hoosier table top to work on.    It will pull out bigger than it shows here and makes a perfect desk.... 

My clipart centerpiece's theme is laundry day......

This is how the Hoosier looks when I don't need the pull out table top.......

Do you have any special pieces you like to use to decorate your home for spring?




  1. Your cabinet display is so pretty! I love the pink and green together for spring!

  2. So pretty. I love the frame in the window. Such lovely depression glass. Looking fresh and ready for spring.

  3. That is beautiful! I love the pink and green depression glass.

  4. Love old glass depression glass has so many beautiful colors. Your arrangement and display are beautiful. Thanks for sharing come see us at

  5. What a lovely way to bring spring into your home! Using pieces of Pink and Green depression glass with pastel graphics adds a charming touch to your Hoosier. Great job on the spring clip art centerpiece!

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