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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Yard Sale Easter Bunnies and a Vintage Settee

These sweet bunnies have made an appearance every Easter since I brought them home with me from a yard sale many years ago. 

I have found some of my best stuff ....not at retail stores...... but at yard sales and thrift stores

In addition to shopping at yard sales and thrift stores,   I also make some of my home and garden decor as well.    I made these unique Easter eggs a few years ago using styrofoam eggs and strips of fabric....

I would love for you to leave me a comment sharing where some of your best "stuff"  came from!

Now for a little history on the unique settee that the bunnies are sitting on....

It is a treasured gift that I received from a friend more than 20 years ago.    She said it was made in the 1930's,    do any of you have any further info about it?

I took this photo from the centerpiece on the coffee table across the room.    If you would like to see more of it please click here.......

This was a spring vignette that I made in that space a few weeks ago.....I decided to change it out and create a new vignette for Easter there!      The sweet lamb pillow and bunny found new homes so you will see them again in upcoming posts!



  1. Hi, Penny. Great post, and always love your bunnies. So many of my things are inherited, but I do buy a few things at flea markets/antique venues, and oh, my...thrift shops. It's more expensive than yard sales, but people are basically crazy here on prices, so the thrift store is ok. We had a 54 degree drop in temps overnight here after 11 Spring is on hold in this house...have to chip the ice off the pots I had on the porch...grins, Sandi

  2. Very cute Penny, love the bunnies. Your vintage settee looks amazing. So spring like and happy. I am pleased to feature your lovely Easter bunnies at Love Your Creativity.


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